Gran Turismo 5 Australian release date announced

Sony Australia has this morning confirmed the Australian release date for Gran Turismo 5, after it was announced for the US and Europe last night.

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stonecold32835d ago

im ready when it arrives


Very good.

I will see you all in the Tracks.

Where is KB Commercial?

blumatt2834d ago

We need a cool Kevin Butler commercial for GT5 marketing and it better contain the phrase "Man Forismo Jive". lol

PidgeottosCrew2834d ago

Damn, was hoping for the same date, that way we could gloat about having it first for a few hours.

Well, second after New Zealand if you want to get technical.

MaxXAttaxX2834d ago

It's practically the same date.
Australia is hours ahead of North America.

PS360PCROCKS2834d ago

Doesn't Australia usually get screwed and have to wait like a week or more for games? If so, good news for you Aussies! There won't be a GT fan in the world online on November 24/25th lol because the entire world will be playing this game simultaneously.

gaden_malak2834d ago

Not really. We get it pretty good now.

ALICE6662834d ago

*cracks open the champagne bottle*


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