Worldwide Weekly Chart for Week Ending 6th Nov 2010

VGC reports for the week ending on Nov. 6th, 2010, the following hardware sales Worldwide:

DS 374,624 (+12%) 136,244,397
X360 333,896 (+48%) 44,718,383
Wii 326,761 (+26%) 75,639,293
PS3 304,183 (+13%) 40,850,218
PSP 135,370 (+8%) 61,824,617
PS2 62,241 (+10%) 138,107,195

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EasilyTheBest2953d ago (Edited 2953d ago )

...not if the 360 is beating the PS3.
The other figures on the other VGC post is defo right tho as PS3 is winning that one...

niceguywii602953d ago

LOL As if VGC can really track the explosion of 360 and Kinect sales.

FlatulentGhost2953d ago (Edited 2953d ago )

vgchartz doesn't 'track' anything. It's just some kid who makes up numbers and then uploads them to his silly little website.

The site was started by a little kid Xbox fan who use to post fake sales numbers on neogaf. He did such a bad job of trying to make 360 sales look higher than they actually were he got banned for life from the site.

He then ran off to create his own website so he could post his fake sales numbers without anyone stopping him.

He's helped out tremendously by Microsoft being the only console maker who inflates their actual sales by reporting their shipments of new consoles as sales. This gives Microsoft and the kid making up the fake sales numbers at vgchartz an extra 2 to 3 million or so Xbox 360 sales to work with.

It is funny to see just how far Xbox fans are willing to latch on to something as long as it tells them what they want to believe no matter how ridiculous it is in reality.

Honestly how can anyone think some kid's little website is doing weekly global retail tracking?

TheBlackSmoke2953d ago

Must we go through this repetitive motion in every single Vgc article? Just ban this site and be done with it.

stuna12953d ago

Is that a figure of speech? Or do you mean literally? Just asking!/s

CernaML2953d ago

That comment proves that niceguywii60 is Aaron Greenburg.

Death24942953d ago

of Kinect sales huh...


You might want to hold off on that atom bomb, sport.

Tip: Clink on the link in the initial post.

Bigpappy2953d ago

M$ is replemishing, but Kinect is selling some 360's, no doubt about that.

adamx2953d ago

man you're a maricon. Really you are.

n to the b2952d ago

link backing your comment please?

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Mystogan2953d ago

those were EU numbers..

360 is owning PS3 big time in the US

SWORDF1SH2953d ago

shut up please. VGChartz only started to appear again when the 360 was winning in sales on vgchartz.

We need less trolls like you trying to lead the fanboys into believing untrue biased shit

big_silky2953d ago

+48%? looks like some pre-kinect excitement.

Fishy Fingers2953d ago

Hold on, you can just pick your region at the top? Why do we need 4 articles then? Why not just link to Worldwide and people can pick individual regions if they wish.

Nitrowolf22953d ago

That is what i Fn want to know
The hell do we need 4 articles form VG when we could just have WW one and then select countries

Nariko-20112953d ago

The japan numbers come somewhere in between I think. So that's why they are spread out. You're welcome

SkyCrawler2953d ago

I'm just going to ignore any vgchartz articles from now on. What was I thinking even coming in here

Nariko-20112953d ago

Saying the same thing again. Thanx for your contribution. Bye bye now

Mystogan2953d ago

Mad because 360 beats ps3?

SkyCrawler2953d ago

I'm not,its because of the convoluted spaces of confused information thats presented from vgchartz and the people like you two who's heads are so far up their asses that they think every smugness and putrid filthy comment that splurges from their insides gets to people. You bought a console, not a girlfriend. Get over yourselves. I'm done thnx bye now.

TheBlackSmoke2953d ago

Yes the PS3 is closing the gap because the 360 is beating it....oh wait

SpinalRemains1382953d ago

Beating PS3? In what? Black Ops frame Rate? Thats it

N4Great2953d ago

Lol "beating" 30 000 (only !), considering it's vgchartz and 500 millions/kinect.

like each year, ps3 will really beat xbox360 (by the way, the old gap is already gone)

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Nariko-20112953d ago (Edited 2953d ago )

I wonder what the real numbers are. Esp with Greenberg laughing at these kinect kinect is number 1 from just 3 days of sales? Happy to see Fable pulling its weight too :)
And PS2 selling 62k!! Most impressive console in terms of sales ever!
Why do people worry about Wii sales when it has over 70 million sales and still manages to trump ps3 even if these are imaginary numbers?
Can't wait to see how the numbers look in EU after kinect launch.
On a side note, how about that Kinect/Move UFC title?? Seems The Fight and Fighters Uncaged didn't do much to discourage people from trying some more
Back on topic, Halo Reach breaking 6 million in 8 weeks! Already beating Gears of War 2
@below...thats 3 days of kinect in ONE region. I'm sorry to have burst your bubble.

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