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PS3 Will 'Soon Pass the Xbox 360 For Good,' proclaims Analyst

Recently, IndustryGamers revealed that in just six months Sony managed to shave off another 1.4 million units from Microsoft's global installed base lead with Xbox 360. As it stands now, the gap between PS3 and 360 is around 3 million units, despite the fact that Xbox 360 hit the market a full year before Sony's console. So the question has to be asked: Did Microsoft squander their lead? (Culture, Industry, Microsoft, PS3, Sony, Xbox 360)

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donniebaseball  +   1839d ago
The analyst says PS3 will pass 360 for good, but it's also possible that for a while they trade leads back and forth. I think they might be neck and neck for a long while
Buff1044  +   1839d ago
I don't think you need to be an analyst to know this.
MeatPopsicle  +   1839d ago
One look at how many more PS3s Sony is selling worldwide in 2010 so far, 2-3 million already, there isn't really going to be any room for arguing.

The only reason it is still even being argued about is Microsoft still lying about their actual installed base by passing off their shipment numbers for the quarter as actual sales.

The PS3 is going to soon be far enough ahead that the actual PS3 installed base is going to be greater than Microsoft shipment numbers for the 360. Once the PS3 is that far ahead even vgchartz isn't going to be able to fake their sales numbers enough to show the 360 with any sort of lead.
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DasBunker  +   1839d ago | Well said
it already surpassed it in terms of games.. everything else is irrelevant.
yippiechicken  +   1839d ago
I don't think anyone didn't think it wouldn't eventually happen. I'm more suprised and impressed that MS gave Sony a real run for it's money this gen. Good job to both.
Sarcasm  +   1839d ago
There is a pretty good point though that MS has done well to even manage to the point where they are at. Selling 45 million units worldwide is already surpassed what the original Xbox was able to do.

With that said, I still don't agree on their many poor decisions.
darthv72  +   1839d ago
it isnt about quality of titles
it isnt about number of exclusives
it isnt about graphics or audio or features

it's about overall unit sales. To some it is relevant.

Somehow thinking that a piece of plastic and wires will make everything alright once it makes it to the top. That is the security blanket many hold onto at night.
MeatPopsicle  +   1839d ago
There's nothing impressive about getting your existing userbase to buy millions of duplicate consoles due to you shipping the only console hardware in history with a know design defect resulting in a failure rate somewhere in the 50-60 percent range.

Take away the millions and millions of duplicate Xbox 360s and you end up with a userbase that is almost the same size as the first Xbox.

It really is amazing when you look at the Xbox compared to the Xbox 360:

The Xbox was dead in Japan, Xbox 360 is dead in Japan
The Xbox was dead everywhere in Europe except for the UK, the same with the Xbox 360
The Xbox relied almost entirely on the US for its sales, the same with the Xbox 360

The same people who bought the first Xbox are buying the Xbox 360. The people who didn't care about the Xbox last gen are continuing to not care about the Xbox 360 this gen.

Microsoft is dead in the water for the past eight years. It is no surprise they have given up trying to compete with Sony and come out with new Xbox hardware to compete with the PS3 but instead are trying to now turn the Xbox 360 into some sort of Wii type casual shovelware box.
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Death2494  +   1839d ago
Look at the ....
numbers posted on neogaf:


Ps3 outsold 360 every quarter
Q1 (jan-mar): 700k
Q2 (apr-jun): 900k
Q3 (jul-sep): 700k
(Microsoft launched slim beginning of Q3 and was still outsold)
If ps3 keeps selling at just 700k, by this time next year ps3 will have passed 360. remember just a minimum of 700k would do it for them. Also notice how in Q2, ps3 almost outsold 360 by a million. Microsoft had no gimmicks. This is why they're putting all their eggs in the "Kinect" basket.

Tip: Scroll all the way to the bottom of the initial post to see quarterly sales.

edit: @ darthv72
"it isn't about quality titles"
............really!? How did I get disagrees when the numbers are right there. These numbers are official from all of the Big 3. Look for yourselves if you don't believe me.
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darthv72  +   1839d ago
what would it be like if we were to remove the duplicate ps3 sales numbers as well?

Some bought a replacement ps3 cause theirs broke. Some bought the slim when it came out. Some bought another one just to have one.

You can't be picky / choosy about this. Yes 360 had a higher failure. We agree on that. Not every duplicate sale of a 360 was over RROD. I have two because I like the convenience. I will have another ps3 soon enough cause I want one in the kids room (where the 2nd 360 is).

The way you type it makes you seem so bitter. Just enjoy that which is ps3 and let the suits clamor over sales numbers.

edit: there is something to be said about that .1 percent. It is all fine and dandy until it happens to you.

Plus, you only mentioned failure rate. Not those that went out and got a second system once the slim came out. There are plenty of people who did.

Are you one of them???

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MeatPopsicle  +   1839d ago
"what would it be like if we were to remove the duplicate ps3 sales numbers as well? "

Go right ahead. Take away .1 percent of the PS3's installed base...

Every report of the PS3's hardware failure rate has been sub .1 percent. Nothing surprising and just like every other console(except the RRoD plagued 360) and major consumer electronics device.

The PS3 is easily going to end up in the 120-140 million worldwide range.

PS3 installed base is already 42 million. There are another 7 years or so of sales for the system. Even if the PS3 only sells 15 million a year for most of those years it will reach those numbers.

The PS2 was selling in the 18-25 million a year at 200 dollars for about five years straight. The PS3 will certainly do numbers like that when it is on track in 2010 to sell 15 million console while still at 300 dollars.
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ExplosionSauce  +   1839d ago
I call tie.

[edit] Fine, I'll say PS3 is winning. Geez, disagrees -_-
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darthv72  +   1839d ago
het meat...a legit question here
Do you really thin k the ps3 will make the 120-140 mil mark? I mean realistically. You mention the ps2 and that is a genuine successor to the original ps1 sales. Not only did it match but surpass it.

The popularity of a brand has a great influence on its sales. PS1 came out and people were wowed by this newcomer. The selection of games were not centered around a specific type of player but a multitude of players. Casual to core.

The announcement of the ps2 only meant that it was a certainty it would succeed. Those who got the taste from the ps1 were ready to bite into the ps2. I didnt see that same attitude this gen when it came to the ps3. I dont know if it was price but I sure believe it was the competition of MS. their tactics are questionable but their motive is sound.

They wanted to do with their 2nd console what sony did with theirs. Make it a household name. To some extent, it has done that. Seeing it more and more in tv shows and movies (i especially liked it in the 1st transformers when it got zapped).

Sony started that. The ps brand was seen in tv shows and movies. It is/was seen as sponsors of sporting events. 360 is doing that too. MS may not be following the same business model Sony has but you cant deny that they are more widely seen now more than ever.

If you are basing the total sales for its life off the track record set previously. You need to research something called the 3rd console curse. Where by EVERY console manufacturer that has released their 3rd system has paled in sales to their 2nd (in some cases, even the 1st). PS3 is a fabulous machine but it is not getting the attention it deserves. Especially from the so called "sony loyalists".

The magic crowd that buys everything sony is just not showing up this gen. It wouldnt surprise me if they went nintendo or possibly 360. Now i know that may be a tough one to answer but there is certainly something different about this generation of gamers/consumers that differs radically from any gens past.

It seemed pretty obvious that the quick changes in marketing, design and price were are response to lack of consumer acceptace and possibly...jumping ship to competition.
zag  +   1839d ago

Yeah I think that sounds about right.

In Australia retail shops don't bother much with the 360 stuff any more, unless there's something major but even then it's not really pushed any more, like when the 360 first came out.

You walk into places and they will have a minum of 3 bundles to some places having up to 8 different bundles with different games and controllers etc different prices and stuff you can pick up PS3 bundles down to $400 to 450AUD that could be cheaper than the US prices and heading up to $700AUD for just about every extra you can think of.

320 gig PS3, 3-4 controllers, PS-Move + extra controller, PlayTV, bluray remote, then you get to pick 3-4 games and get some blu-rays chucked in as well for a top of the line PS3 bundle.

These are in store only bundles not online.
TheBlackSmoke  +   1839d ago
There's no excuse when RROD was at one point an epidemic amongst 360's. Trying to damage control by bringing up the PS3's failure rate is pot calling the kettle black to the extreme.

We all know PS3 most likely has a higher install base, M$ just need to man up and stop being so flip floppy with their numbers. If they have been passed they need to just admit it. Its not like the 360 has bombed, it had a good run and will probably end up about even with PS3 when all is said and done.
Oner  +   1839d ago
The PS3 will most likely take over the 360 BEFORE it's next price cut. And when THAT happens, it's over...next. The "GT Effect" coupled with Black Friday will help out quite a bit.

@ MeatPopsicle ~ I personally think the PS3 total overall end gen sales will be between 100 & 120. The PS2's lower starting cost and quicker to an inexpensive amount helped as to why it is STILL selling ;).

And once again I have to say there have been some quite reasonable & factual comments on here as of late +Well Said to all.
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RageAgainstTheMShine  +   1839d ago
exactly Buff1044 you don't need to be an analyst to know this.
MeatPopsicle  +   1839d ago
I don't see how anyone can not see the PS3 reaching PS2 numbers. The math pretty straightforward.

When the PS2 dropped to 200 dollars its sales were around 20-25 million a year for about five years then dropping down to the 10 range and eventually now down to around 6 or so million for 2010.

Sony reports they are on track to sell 15 million for the current fiscal year. That is with the PS3 still at 300 dollars and 42 million already sold.

It isn't much of a leap to think the PS3 is going to be right up in the same 20-25 million a year range when it drops to 200 dollars.

Perhaps Nintendo comes out with something as big as they did with the Wii and shakes things up next E3 or some other unforeseen event drastically changes things over the next five to seven years, but unless that happens the PS3 is easily going to be racking up sales in the 20 million range as it drops to 200, 150, and finally 100 dollar over the next few years. Those types of years rapidly get you up into PS2 lifetime sales numbers.
skrug  +   1839d ago
The PS2 was heavily moded too, another reason why the PS3 isn't selling as fast as the PS2 plus the price.
gcolley  +   1839d ago
@MeatPopsicle. now discount the number of ps3's given away with tv's. the ps3's that are solely used a blu-ray players and media players. there is no way of knowing how many are not actively buying games. i personally know 3 ps3 owners who use theirs as blu-ray/media players only.

there is no arguing one, ps3 would surpass the 360; and two, ms have done what they set out to do following last gen. everything else is fanboy crap
punkpop101  +   1838d ago
Yeah you don't need to be an analyst to see that ps3 sucks and it will fall third again.
No Way  +   1838d ago
@MeatPopsicle -
No argument from me. I don't think this is even a surprise.
However.. how do you know that "Microsoft still lying about their actual installed base by passing off their shipment numbers for the quarter as actual sales."
Do you have some kinda proof? Some kinda statement?
Or, is this more common fanboy nonsense bullshit?
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WaggleLOL  +   1839d ago
With the PS3 selling significantly more software in 2010, the millions and millions of duplicate 360s from the RRoD and other hardware problems that have plagued the system, and Microsoft still inflating their sales numbers by reporting shipment totals instead of actual sales like Nintendo and Sony do, it should be obvious that it already is ahead of the 360 in worldwide installed base.

Xbox box fan sites like vgchartz will stretch things out for as long as they can to avoid having to show the PS3 with a larger installed base.
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Anorexorcist  +   1839d ago
When you consider actual Xbox 360 home install base...
and not just the amount of Xbox 360's that have been sold in its lifetime (which obviously factors in double sales because of the RRoD [hell maybe even triple sales]), the PS3 has already passed the Xbox 360 in global sales.
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units  +   1839d ago
Xbox box fan sites like vgchartz
bananlol  +   1839d ago
Havent you heared the legend of vgchartz? You should go to neogaf and ask about it...
acedoh  +   1839d ago
My question about VG Chartz
not to site accuracy or inaccuracy. Brett Walton founded the site in 2005 and I can't find anything to show that this guy is some fraud. So I really have a hard time believing the stories of some about this guy without verifiable proof. I not saying this guy is a fraud but there is no other website that does tracking like this. So if someone seems to want to track game sales they should and start a website like this guy.... It's that simple.
Nathaniel_Drake  +   1839d ago
I agree, it will go back in forth, but the PS3 will eventually pass the 360
ChronoJoe  +   1839d ago

Sony entertain me more than Microsoft ever could. That's all I know.

In terms of sales, It doesn't really matter at this stage. Microsoft have proved there console more profitable this generation, Sony's marketing strategy has been stupid, mostly, and I hope they can learn from this for the next generation. As I definitely want to stick with the Playstation brand so long as it remains a viable competitor for the hardcore audience.
BrianB  +   1839d ago
the reality is, whether the ps3 surpasses 360 or not, sony has gone from being the market leaders for over a decade, to being last place, the ps3 will never match the success of the ps2/ps1 that there is the failure of sony, and until that time enjoy 3rd place
skrug  +   1839d ago
they still have 6 years to match up and surpass the sales of ps2
MRMagoo123  +   1839d ago
and why would they enjoy third place when ps3 is already second ?
DigitalRaptor  +   1839d ago
And the fact that they are last place means what exactly?

All it shows is that Sony's strategy this generation has made Microsoft too smug. They didn't know how close things were until now, and now they're sweating, and lying about sales numbers, as they always have done. Sony took them by surprise. They built their PS3s back in 2004-2005 with 2010-2012 in mind.

And now MS is hoping Kinect can extend their product cycle. It will no doubt, but with casual, watered down party games? That is where the Xbox divison is heading, to drag out the 360's existence as long as possible to compete with PS3's longevity. They will tell you it's them trying to be innovative, but really, Kinect is their last chance to stay ahead. Sad really.

All it goes to show now is that Microsoft have been last place 2 generations running. Sure, they have worked very hard to bring great experiences to gamers and should be comended, but then again so has Sony.
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silvacrest  +   1838d ago
your trying hard to make being in 3rd place seem like its a bigger deal then it actually is

truth is it does not matter, nintendo bombed with the gamecube and to a lesser extent the n67 and look were they are today

practice your scaremongering some more k?
Denethor_II  +   1838d ago
The PS3 is right on track to surpass the PS2 in the same time period.
stonecold3  +   1839d ago
not long now
and with the gt5 incoming for november 24 pretty sure the ps3 can outsell the 360 this holiday and with the other aaa titles on the way maybe sony may bring the price down a bit for the ps3 for the xmas break
big_silky  +   1839d ago
i've been hearing this for 4 years, at this point who cares? after 4, 5 years it's totally anti-climactic especially since we're in the twilight years of this gen.
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donniebaseball  +   1839d ago
Well even if it takes Sony years to do it, the fact that they'd overtake MS after they had the 1-yr lead is still somewhat impressive. Of course, everyone knows they have the huge advantage in Japan so that makes it less impressive admittedly
BillOreilly  +   1839d ago
Its nowhat impressive. Did everyone start gaming this gen. Microsoft was the underdog. NOBODY thought they could even compete with sony much less surpass them. Sony didnt think so either that was why they were so cocky "next gen starts when we say". They underestimated Ms now Ms is equal with sony. I wouldve thought sony would annialate Ms. Sony was complacent. I was a sony fan and still am, they have good games but Ms stepped up. They have more Jrpgs(the 3 best), Wrpgs(the best), Fps(the best), Tps(the best), better live, indy games exc. Games are what matters right? This year alone we had
Mass effect 2
Alan wake
Splinter cell
Crackdown 2
99 nights 2
Halo reach
Divinity 2
The Dragon Knight saga
Fable 3
Kinect + 15 kinect titles
Arcania and more along with better multiplats and dlc!
Is there anyone who acually thinks Gow3, Mag, Heavy Rain, and Gt5 can compete with all this you are crazy.
saint_john_paul_ii  +   1839d ago
Most of those titles are weak compared to the titles sony released this year.
bananlol  +   1839d ago
What people seldom factor is the fact that sony gambled the brand name of playstation to ensure the victory of bluearay, tech they have put billions of dollars behind. The could have made a wii-like console and would be leading now but i think blueray matters more to sony than the ps3.
skrug  +   1839d ago

"They have more Jrpgs(the 3 best), Wrpgs(the best), Fps(the best), Tps(the best), "

WHAT?? the best? that's all opinion.

And you are missing a lot of games from PS3

MLB the Show
White Knight Chronicles
3D Dot Game Heroes
Yakuza 3
Ar Tonelico III
The Last Rebellion
ModNation Racers
Trinity Universe
+ move titles
+ the 4 titles you mentioned (GOW3, MAG, HR, GT5)

and now ME2 is also coming to PS3 which is also on PC.
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Death2494  +   1839d ago
First, your names speaks volumes to me. That aside, how can you surpass something when you've had a head start. Price my friend is why the 360 has been hanging in there. Microsoft's console is at the sweet spot ($200 mark) yet you're still being outsold by ps3. You think the ps3 is what sony's banking on then you're missing the big picture. Ps3 is nothing more than a stepping stone. Sony, Panasonic, and James Cameron are the big pushers for 3d. Blu-ray is the "ONLY" format for you to experience HD 3d. Essentially by having 42million install base is having 42milion people halfway there to having a 3d setup. All they need now is the TV which are coming down in price. Why do you think it's selling so much in Europe? They have a bigger 3d market than any other markets right now. Microsoft xbox360 is showing it's age, just like the Wii. Ps3 seems like the only console that's really evolving.
JonnyBigBoss  +   1839d ago
Selling more consoles with a $600 price tag versus a console that came out a year sooner is a HUGE feat.

I applaud Sony for being capable of even doing this. If it weren't for the company's ability to please the consumer with fantastic hardware and solid exclusives, this wouldn't have happened.
Oner  +   1839d ago
Plus taking on and winning out over HD-DVD, all while during (and still currently in) horrible world wide depression. A HUGE feat is an understatement!
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00  +   1839d ago
"Selling more consoles with a $600 price tag"
except that price got cut within a year, so that doesn't really make sense.
N4Great  +   1839d ago
" They have more Jrpgs(the 3 best), Wrpgs(the best), Fps(the best), Tps(the best), better live, indy games exc."
" games will probaly continue to sell more on 360, Online will stil be better on 360, and etc"

lol@fanboy's dream, not a single thing real.

why only xbox fans are believing so much lies, bullcraps ? do they know, and are ms employees, or do they only are believers, reading to much botaku and others ms whores ?
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ComboBreaker  +   1839d ago
@JLeack and Oner
With the media attack Sony left and right, and everybody else wishing Sony would just give up and go die in some dark ally somewhere.

Well, Sony proved them all wrong. Sony went through hell and now, Sony is back and very soon, Sony will be at the top again.
ilikestuff  +   1839d ago
who cares? every xboxer cared when the xbox was out selling the ps3 but now that the tables have turned who cares? ohhh youuuu! your silly with the silly things you say. and the xbox might be in its twilight years, ya know with its whole one good game coming out next year (gears), but the ps3 has a lot of time left
JoySticksFTW  +   1839d ago
"'we're in the twilight years of this gen"???
Maybe for 360

But it really feels that PS3 is just starting to hit it's stride

I'm not even trolling. This morning I said ME2 is better played on 360. But if we're being real, 360 FEELS dated.

PS3 still has plenty of great games to look forward to. It's all about those 1st party titles.

GT5, inFamous2, new Twisted Metal, PS2 HD remakes, LTG, FF vs XIII, Uncharted 3, Resistance 3, new proper Socom w/ Move support, KZ3, Warhawk sequel, dc universe... PS3's future looks more bright than ever
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number47  +   1839d ago
Sony managed to shave off another 1.4 million units from Microsoft's global installed base
and you post a link to america...from a source that even Microsoft laughs at.

God you bots are desperate.
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Belasco  +   1839d ago
Wow, you must really like disagrees. I do have a question however, could MS have done anything to win the Sony faithful over?
AceofStaves  +   1839d ago
Releasing a reliable console at launch and investing in a variety of studios to create a diverse library of first-party titles would have given me a reason to purchase a 360. As it stands now, there are only a handful of games I'd like to play that are 360 exclusives, and I won't buy a console for a small number of titles. Add to that the emphasis on Kinect - a control scheme I can't use because of my physical disabilities - and I have no reason to purchase a 360. It would be a waste of my money.

Regardless, there are some on both sides who will never consider the 'other' console, no matter what exclusives and features it has. Some people are too attached to either their PS3 or their 360 - or they feel somehow 'wronged' by the other company. In other words, those are the people who take things FAR too seriously when it comes to gaming.
Tuxedo_Mask  +   1839d ago
I have a Wii and a PS3, but last gen I had an Xbox and a PS2. The only reason I didn't buy an Xbox360, which I came close to doing at one point, is because of Xbox Live. I know in the long run it may not amount to much, but I just couldn't see the logic in paying to play games online, buying a wireless adapter (pre-Xbox Slim), and buying play and charge kits for my controllers.
My brother has an Xbox360 and is very happy with it, and playing online with him was one of the reasons I considered buying one as he doesn't want to buy a PS3, but ultimately I decided against it. I don't have enough time to play as much as I'd like on the systems I have, so buying another one just seems foolish.
Death2494  +   1839d ago
unlike my link that was posted. Microsoft doesn't even acknowledge VGCharts numbers. I wonder why Microsoft is still silent on Kinect's initial sales? I'm guessing it didn't do that million in 72 hours like they thought.
JonnyBigBoss  +   1839d ago
Gran Turismo 5 will be the flamethrower.
BX81  +   1839d ago
Flamer thrower? You're so silly!
thedisagreefairy  +   1839d ago
i like fire
diehardgamer  +   1839d ago
yeah gt5 is goin to seal the deal. and with lpb2 n kz3 early next year its a wrap
CrzyFooL  +   1839d ago
Fanboy riot incoming!! GET DOWN!!
visualb  +   1839d ago
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BX81  +   1839d ago
LOL if it involves numbers people will speculate. What makes me laugh is how upset people get about it. Unless it puts money in/out of your pocket I don't see the point.
Zir0  +   1839d ago
Playstation has still lost the most market share though even if it does pass the 360.
BlackTar187  +   1839d ago
you agree that we should wait till the end of the gen for all systems to answer this question? Im just thinking that its rather premature to make such statements?

I think you may be right in the end but making such posts is kinda like jumping the gun. But then again i guess its the internet so if you are wrong its not like anyone's ever gonna call you on it.
Zir0  +   1839d ago
So you think the PS3 will end up being as dominate as the PS2? That's not going to happen, I'm sorry its impossible.
NegativeCreepWA  +   1839d ago
Sadly the wii has taken the PS2's place, damn casual gamers are what decides things in the end unfortunately.
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Oner  +   1839d ago
As impossible as beating out HD-DVD?

As impossible as always being more expensive?

As impossible as a PS3 redesign (i.e. Slim)?

As impossible as having an equal attachment rate to it's main competitor?

As impossible as coming back from an almost 1.5 year deficit in sales?

As impossible as proving it has better exclusives & graphics ability (not only past but STILL doing so)?

We have heard it all...and every single one of them have been ultimately wrong.
#8.1.3 (Edited 1839d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(1) | Report
NegativeCreepWA  +   1839d ago
Very true, everyone knew the PS3 would pass up the 360 at some point.

MS has also done a great job of earning its place in the console market with Sony and Nintendo this gen. They gained a heavy third party support which is important and something they were not able to do last gen especially with Japanese Dev's. Now they need to start working on getting some more first part Dev's again.
CleanUP-CharliE  +   1839d ago
3 Words...




Game Over M$
Finalfantasykid  +   1839d ago


A Cupcake for Gabe  +   1839d ago
People seem to forget that GT is a big deal. Even though it's a racing sim, it's a Sony brand that always pushes into the high millions. GT5 will sell 10million copies. I'm sure eu/jp will make up most since America's taste in games has gone to shit this gen.
Next_Up  +   1839d ago
GT5 will assure ps3's second place and future exclusives will push it to first mark my words.
Shuklar  +   1839d ago
You spelled anal cyst wrong :/ LOL
GigaGaia  +   1839d ago
Technically, the PS3 installed base is already bigger since the 360 sales numbers include all those who RRoD and were replaced.

Of course, one could say that the PS3 sales number also include the YLOD PS3, but the YLOD is a much smaller problem compared to RROD.
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limewax  +   1839d ago
Im on my second ps3, with 1st one repaired once.

Xbox number 13 now, twice to upgrade, 11 times unrepairable malfunction

No lie, I still like both anyway but I have had too many xbox's
Sarcasm  +   1839d ago
I have only one Xbox 360 and like to keep it that way. If it dies, I'm done with it and selling any titles I have.
CleanUP-CharliE  +   1839d ago
@ Sarcasm

I was in the same position as you..

Now i have my 80GB PS3 Phat going strong with over 20 games :)
Oner  +   1839d ago
@ limewax ~ I believe you, I still have my launch day 360 after 6 RROD's...it's totally dead now and which is why I am not wasting anymore money on it or a new one. Not worth the price plus there is nothing enticing on the horizon.
#12.1.3 (Edited 1839d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(0) | Report
DrakenSilverwing  +   1839d ago
I'm on my 2nd PS3 now.. just the other day my gf of a year pissed me off sooo bad and dared me to throw it( my 60gb launch ps3 with 30psn titles on it) well.. i did..(even with a game in it!) and its dead now...(game was untouched tho!) (just backed up the hdd to the other day) saved all system stuff and restored everything onto my new system. now with all new things(new 500GB hdd and 2TB external drive too!) next to my 130+ ps3 games, it looks great!( just got finacial aid!!) // never bought that other system.. from what i know if i touch it wrong my games would die.. along with bloodly red ring for the system.
KaiokenKid  +   1839d ago
Not sure whats gonna change if they do pass 360. Devs will still target 360 for multiplatform, peopel will still go to Live first for their Online gaming needs, and 360 will continue to sell. So really, what would change besides positions in the irrelevant console war?
KratosGod3  +   1839d ago
And that's why M$ wants people like you.
Just keep paying to play on Xbox Live and M$ will thank you.
They will need all the support from fanboys like you... especially in 2011.
#13.1 (Edited 1839d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
Convas  +   1839d ago
What will change when (not if) the PS3 passes the 360 in sales?
#14 (Edited 1839d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
Fishy Fingers  +   1839d ago
Not much, but it would be amusing, to watch the fickle people who've bragged about sales suddenly down play their relevance and visa versa.
#14.1 (Edited 1839d ago ) | Agree(16) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
donniebaseball  +   1839d ago
Absolutely nothing! But hey, it's fun to talk about.
DaBadGuy  +   1839d ago
Nothing....nothing will change.

Microsoft is not going to close down MS Game Studios and get out of the business.

Microsoft is not going to cease production on 360.

Microsoft will make a 3rd gen Xbox console eventually.

Nintendo will still be top dog in sales.

Sony will continue to do what they do everyday, Pinky.

Try to take over the world!
OtherWhiteMeat  +   1839d ago
What will change when (not if) the PS3 passes the 360 in sales?
Omega4 goes into hiding.
CleanUP-CharliE  +   1839d ago
Well.. all 360 Delusional Fanboys will be put in their correct place FINALLY.
silvacrest  +   1838d ago
the only thing that will change is the 360 fanboys will suddenly say "who cares"

in fact they have already started, judging from the thread thats how its gonna be when it finally happens
gamingisnotacrime  +   1839d ago
not much analysis in that statement
wish somebody paid me to state the obvious
gamerdude132  +   1839d ago
Come on, we already knew this. As soon as Microsoft said "Project Natal" back in 2009, we all knew they were going to fuck it up. At least I did. Sony, even with their motion-based peripheral, they're still making ACTUAL games, not like that Kinect crap.
donniebaseball  +   1839d ago
Kinect over time might have some cool games for the hardcore despite the initial casual lineup
KaiokenKid  +   1839d ago
@Clizzz: Nothing really. Like I said, devs will still continue to target 360 for multiplatform, games will probaly continue to sell more on 360, Online will stil be better on 360, and etc. So nothing si really gonna change. All that would change is that the PS3 fanboys have ammo in tehir irrelevant console war.
#17 (Edited 1839d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(16) | Report | Reply
ALFAxD_CENTAURO  +   1839d ago
¿Do you think PS3 fanboys started the sales subject?

Back in 2006, take a look of what N4G was.

Now Xbox fanboys (the source of sales wars, ''the PS3 have no gamez!, ''Blu ray is not necessary'' etc etc etc) they will eat their own poison in various ways.

And I'm not surprised why PSN have more users online than Xbox Live in US.
#17.1 (Edited 1839d ago ) | Agree(14) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Orochi   1839d ago | Spam
xg-ei8ht  +   1839d ago
This is the weirdest gen there has been imo.

M$ launches a year earlier, but with faulty hardware.

Nintendo launch with a motion control device while still being sd.

Sony launch a year late with a better build quality and a huge price tag.

I don't think M$ did a bad job from software perspective, they fked the hardware though. The online part is good, although it costs. Any anyone wanting a decent graphics console had to go with the 360(because of the year early etc)

Nintendo grabbed the limelight from Sony because of the motion tech. If it did not have that. It would have failed hard.

Sony's price was too high on top of the delay.

I still think by the time this all shakes out. SONY will be No.1 again.
PS360PCROCKS  +   1839d ago
#1? Maybe. The PS3 is a great machine but it's nearly 40 million consoles behind. If Nintendo only sold 20 million more Wii's. Sony would have to outsell them by a 3:1 margin to match them. That's pretty crazy.
FlatulentGhost  +   1839d ago
The Wii most likely on has another year or so before Nintendo comes out with something new. Nintendo has never supported a past gen console after they have moved on to new hardware.

The PS3 has another 6 years, possibly 7 or even 8. The PS2 is in its 10th year and is selling at about 6 million a year in 2010.

With a price drop to 200 dollars and then sales for another 6 to 8 years the PS3 will outsell the Wii by tens of millions by the end of its life.
#19.1.1 (Edited 1839d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(0) | Report
MeatPopsicle  +   1839d ago
With the PS3 being the third fastest selling console in history behind the PS2 and Wii it really makes no sense saying the price was too high.
Nathaniel_Drake  +   1839d ago
Move is going to help the 1st place push
hot4play  +   1839d ago
The Return of the King

Edit: Latest sales from Japan (source: the-magicbox.com)
Here are the latest console hardware sales in Japan for the week of Nov 1 - 7:

1. PSP - 34,538
2. PS3 - 23,524
3. DSi LL - 22,858
4. DSi - 16,038
5. Wii - 11,521
6. PSP Go - 2,918
7. DSL - 2,766
8. 360 - 2,686
9. PS2 - 1,460

LOL @ 360 selling less than the "failed" PSP Go.
#19.4 (Edited 1839d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
PS360PCROCKS  +   1839d ago
Yeah I love my xbox 360 but PS3 will pass it soon. With LBP2, Infamous 2, Killzone 3, all the multi-plats and GT5 coming in just 12 DAYS (::SQUEALS::) it's going to be a really big item to have. At least i hope so, gamers need to see some of the first party games Sony has. Those idiots need to stop dropping cash on COD and check out games like KZ and Uncharted. Microsoft needs to show more games as well, I'm eagerly anticipating Gears 3 though.
Nathaniel_Drake  +   1839d ago
Very interested in KZ3 gameplay
blackburn5  +   1839d ago
It never matters to 360 supporters as long as Xbox 360 is ahead but I am sure the minute the PS3 does pass it suddenly it will matter. I watched 360 owners go into a frenzy when people thought the PS3 was ahead by a million units. You try to play it cool but leap to deny Sony catching up if anyone even mentions it. And despite you saying that the console war is irrelevant, it is 360 people who always point out the PS3 is 'third place'. If it doesn't matter then why do you constently point it out as if it should bother us or as if it a problem? 360 owners are some of the most two faced devious people I have ever seen in my life. You act all innocent while pissing in everyone elses' cereal. Just like Microsoft. @ ALFAxD_CENTAURO ignore them. 360 fanboys have short term memories like to play innocent and pretend that we victimize them.It's always us 'PS3 fanboys'. They just sit there and do nothing while we attack them
#21 (Edited 1839d ago ) | Agree(11) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
niceguywii60  +   1839d ago
BeAGamer  +   1839d ago
i'd be laughing if i bought a kinect too
ShinnosukeRFD  +   1839d ago
n4g is very fierce today, and with good reason. i was enjoying the sly collection on my ps3 when i went on n4g and saw this article. the ps3 is just the best console this generation in my opinion, so it should definitely be ahead of the 360. i mean, just look at the exclusives sony has made so far. they just blow away anything seen on a console. the only thing the 360 still has going for itself are multiplats and xbox live DO NOT DENY THIS TRUTH XBROS. once it passes the 360 for good, the 360 fans won't use sales as an argument any longer. what will they have left to dispute about? oh let me guess how good their multiplats look right?

damn i gotta get gran turismo 5 too. do i really need to get the wheel or is it OK with just the dualshock 3 controller? I'm trying to get other games too like ken's rage and hot pursuit(i want an arcade racer too it's pretty fun)


Related image(s)
#23 (Edited 1839d ago ) | Agree(12) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
Neko_Mega  +   1839d ago
Not A Shock
Sony is spending more money on titles and things to make PSN better then ever, Microsoft is to busy spending alot of money on Kinect.

Which wouldn't be a bad thing if they didn't have a list of games for hardcore players like they do (Gears 3). I plan on getting Gears 3 but I feel that is kind of said that is all that I look for on the 360.

I am really hype about KillZone 3, I'm getting the helmet one and DC:UC which is a MMO City Of Heroes, which 360 had a game like that coming to it but it got can and the PC one isn't doing to great.

I hope Microsoft starts getting some titles or my 360 will only have Gears 3 in it or Fable 3.
no_more_trolling  +   1839d ago
fanboys rejoice lol
then u go back to ur moms basement in ur underwear
visualb  +   1839d ago
stop talking about your daily routine
this is a comments section about videogames, not a diary or web-journal
bananlol  +   1839d ago
Its rather comfortable to only wear youre underwear, damn you socity and your code of conduct!
KillerPwned  +   1839d ago
PS3 says: Desire is irrelevent. I am a machine.

Xbox 360 says: Ok dude we chill we chill ill just back off now here you have all the sales. *runs off*

PS. No fanboy intended.
#26 (Edited 1839d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
lollipopa   1839d ago | Spam
Raoh  +   1839d ago
it will be a see saw effect.. when ps3 takes the lead over 360, it wont be over they will trade the lead month to month, actually my personal believe is they will trade season to season.. sony does well in the spring microsoft does well in the winter.. so who knows..

what will be more interesting is the next generation.. ms is a major player, sony is the sleeping giant that is no longer sleeping...
GeoramA  +   1839d ago
We won!
Tick tock, Micro$oft...
butterfinger  +   1839d ago
This is probably...
the single saddest comment on this entire site, and it's a good snapshot of an idiot fanboy from this generation of gaming. "We", yeah, ok kid.
arragionthegreat  +   1839d ago
well ,.. It is true !!
see here

Related image(s)
#29.1.1 (Edited 1839d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(0) | Report
silvacrest  +   1838d ago
at first i thought the "real 360 girl" was a guy
Finalfantasykid  +   1839d ago
Disregard this post...
#30 (Edited 1839d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
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