PS3's Take 2 Exclusive & 80Gb Price Cut plus Saint's Row 2 in Game Informer Loose Talk

Check out the Game Informer October 2007 Loose Talk.

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Loudninja4122d ago

the devs confirmed it themsleves

MK_Red4122d ago

They say Take 2 PS3 exclusive is not LA Noire but what is it then? Can't wait. A new RockStar IP!? Hell yes.

Loudninja4122d ago

But I am gald to see SOny and Rockstar working on a game

LOFT3164122d ago

is no GTA it was a very good game looking forward to it

MK_Red4122d ago

I didn't like it when I played it for 4 mintues long ago but I had pretty high expectations and wanted it to be kinda like GTA4. Now that you said this, I might go and get it. Maybe I'll like it this time around with less expectations and better understanding.

ReBurn4121d ago

I think that at the new lower price point Saints Row is a much better value than it was when it released. It's a decent game as long as you aren't expecting the GTA experience.

sumfood4u4122d ago

besides the price an Memory space? Does the PS3 80GB play ps1 an PS2 games that's really my main question!

Infernus4122d ago

I have a UK 60GB PS3 which is the same in terms of BC as the 80GB model is and it runs PS2 and PS1 games fine.

This BC issue is odd as there is no issue. The 80GB doesn't have the Emotion Engine but that's because emulation works just as well. You're not missing out on anything with the 80GB model BC-wise.

achira4122d ago

of course the 80gb model plays ps2 and ps1 games. nearly all of them work fine.

killer_trap4122d ago

I'm sure sony isn't dump enough to release an sku above the $500 price tag again. you're supposed to learn from your mistakes and it's not like the 60GB model was flying of the shelfs when it was at $600. it's like for every good decision they make they up themselves with ten bad ones.

now that the games are coming(some of them are here already) sony needs
to carefully plan their strategy for the holiday season and the first quarter of 2008. now can anybody lend mee 400 bucks, i need a 360 with

Kenshin_BATT0USAI4122d ago

Maybe they can have PS3 on a major sale like at $400 for christmas break.

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The story is too old to be commented.