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Guerrilla Not Bothered by Killzone vs. Halo Comparisons

As the PlayStation 3's premier first-person-shooter franchise, Killzone invariably finds itself at the vanguard of the console wars, often compared with Xbox 360 exclusive Halo. Curious as to how this affects developer Guerrilla, Destructoid asked Steven Ter Heide how he feels about the comparisons, and found out that the producer doesn't feel much at all. (Halo: Reach, Industry, Killzone 3, PS3, Xbox 360)

NewsForMe  +   1793d ago
One has better graphics. The other everything else.
WaggleLOL  +   1793d ago
With Bungie having left Microsoft I don't think any really cares anymore. You can see this with the almost complete lack of Halo avatars anymore. It use to be almost every Xbox fan would have one a few years ago.

Killzone 2 enraged 2 Xbox fans because it was a double threat:

1. The first Xbox was often called the Halo box because people said Halo was the only game worth buying the system for. With a console so dependent on a single genre it is obvious its fans would feel compelled to lash out at any game from the same genre on a competing platform to try to justify their own platform.

2. Killzone 2's graphics are running an engine that isn't even possible on the Xbox 360. The gimped 10 megs of EDRAM, the lack of the massive power of the SPUs, the tiny last gen DVD storage format, etc. The game's graphics made a mockery of all the lies and silly claims about the Xbox 360 being in the same league as the PS3 graphically.

I guess after the humiliation of Killzone 2's actual in game PS3 graphics surpassing what the so called 'graphics experts' at silly sites like beyond3d claimed were 'impossible CGI level graphics':


that trying to claim the game is 'just graphics' is a natural reaction.

Despite the rage and unprecedented attempts at trashing the game from Xbox fans in the gaming media, Killzone 2 got its amazing reactions and reviews from:

1. The innovative cover system

2. The incredible enemy AI

3. The immersive gun action - no more arcady Call of Duty style 'weightless gun on stick' action

As far as Halo, what can one say about a game that Bungie and Microsoft had so little confidence in they resorted to giving reviewers 800 dollar 'gift bags'.
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Nariko-2011  +   1793d ago
That was quite lengthy...
and nonsensical. Thank you
Ps, one can say something else about HALO, can get one's head out of one's rear end and look at the facts. Highest selling and most played exclusive game not on wii.
Best online community.
Killer App
Lastest installment currently holds fastest selling game on a single platform.
Also latest installment outsold rival's highest selling exclusive of the year in less than a day. . .
Oh and Killzone 2 2million or so...Reach 6 million and counting.
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units  +   1793d ago
gameplay and tech
halo reach has both
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DigitalRaptor  +   1793d ago
@ units
Killzone 2 was pretty much Guerilla's first venture into this generation with a brand new powerhouse of an engine, and the game performed amazingly, but the gameplay was a bit rough and there was definite room for improvement.

Killzone 3 is gonna have improved since then. Yeah sure Bungie have perfected the formula within their own game series, but Killzone still has had room to grow and I guarantee you will be surprised by KZ3 when it ships next year. Heck, KZ2 had better tech than Reach, so right there KZ3 already does. Gameplay wise, don't go underestimating GG.

Just think of it like this. Guerilla had finished KZ2 by February 2009. Since then they have been refining it, building levels, adding features, improving gameplay dramatically, even improving the ground-breaking visuals. Also improving their Multiplayer segment dramatically. Check the MP Beta for more info. They even outsourced a professional writer for their writing (story, dialogue etc.) Everything will be improved. So that's gonna be 24 months of work refining an engine, reworking and improving their gameplay.

Like I said, look to KZ3 in Feb 2011.
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dragonelite  +   1792d ago
From what i heard killzone 3 has lost the soul that killzone 2 had with it's unique gun models and behavior.

And i heard the beta kind of clusterfuck no recoil on guns lmg out performing snipers in long distant shots.
it's all i heard.

The beauty of halo is that weapons have roles pistol and AR are close to medium weapons dmr is a allrounder but shines in medium to long range and then the sniper which is the long range weapon.
And halo feels incredible balanced if you get killed close range while using a sniper or dmr it's your mistake should have packed a pistol or Ar with you.
ShinMaster  +   1792d ago
I'm reading your post, but all I see is "HALO has teh sales...blah blah..."

Best online community??? LMFAO xD

(On topic)
GAMEPLAY is different on both.
Even though they're both FPSs, the overall feel is different.
One is has a more realistic feel and gameplay, while the other is somewhat more... light, pick-up and play, arcade-ish.
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N4WAH  +   1792d ago
I'm confused here guys
All I have been hearing for the past year plus is how N4G is completely over run by PS3 fanboys. Yet under every PS3 article all I see is trolls and fanboys that have zero interest in the PS3. All I see under Kinect articles is members blowing a gasket and calling you a PS3 fanboy if you have anything but positive opinions about MS's shiny new camera.

I think it's time people stop playing the victim card on this site and realize there are a even amount of disgruntle fans to go around from all sides.

Why must every single shooter article turn into a debate vs Halo? Killzone is not Halo nor is it trying to be or do I want it to be. Personally I am a HUGE shooter fan and I don't care for Halo. Apparently I am not the only one because my friends list is a ghost town for Halo Reach fans yet all of them, like myself, are shooter fans. Halo isn't even the most popular or best selling shooter any more, COD is.

Killzone is unlike most other shooters. I honestly think, although some are not a fan for them doing so, that the new controls will appeal to a wider audience and KZ3 will do a lot better on the sales charts. <- Personally I couldn't give a damn about sales but I am sure GG and Sony will. Plus it gives the nitwits here at N4G another thing to argue over.

There are so many titles coming out for PS3 next year I wont have time to play them all. Now all I have to do is pick up a 3D display and get ready for 2011. Once November 24th hits I don't see myself looking back.
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MeatPopsicle  +   1792d ago
"I think it's time people stop playing the victim card on this site and realize there are a even amount of disgruntle fans to go around from all sides"

Oh please...

A good example of just how threatened Xbox/Halo fans are of Killzone 2/3 just look at this post from someone who finally had enough of the Xbox fans at GamesRadar who had spent the entire year leading up to the release of Killzone 2 trying to trash the game in the eyes of the gaming public:


That's just one major gaming website. Similar crap went and still does go on at other gaming sites like eurograme,1up,etc. filled with angry, frightened, and threatened Xbox fans lashing out at Killzone. No major gaming site has ever done anything remotely close to what sites like gamesradar tried to do to Killzone 2. So let's give this everyone does it crap a rest.
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The real killer  +   1792d ago
Well said, look at those disagree clicking by 360 fanboys :):):)
bananlol  +   1792d ago
The siper works excellent as a close range weapon as long as you got the nerves and know when to reload. How else would i have gotten a overkill in a tight corridor on the rats nest level with a sniper? And compared to those i usually play halo with im pretty lousy. Havent really played much rach so i dont really know if this has changed but iin halo 3 the sniper was legendary!
DigitalAnalog  +   1792d ago
I just read that neogaf post, and it came to the point I almost vomited to how sickening gamesradar went with their bullsh*t.

-End statement
ShinMaster  +   1792d ago
You're right. That was was disgusting.
nix  +   1792d ago
gamesradar n n4g are same group. fyi.
N4WAH  +   1792d ago
Your opinion is about as valid as VGChartz numbers.
Why are there so many people like yourself on this site? You obviously have very little interest in gaming and are basically here just to get attention and make an *** out of yourself.

Killzone 2 was a phenomenal sequel considering their first title didn't appeal to me. There are some minor complaints I had about the KZ2 and the new one appears to be not only be addressing all those minor gripes but making additional adjustments I didn't even think about.

I just got into the KZ3 beta a couple days ago and it's fantastic. Graphics, sound, controls, jetpacks, etc... Everything flows so nice. This is easily one of my most anticipated titles of 2011. Then again there are so many titles I am anticipating next year for my PS3's I don't know if I will have time to play them all. I am definitely purchasing all of them though. Starting with GT5 11/24.
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iPad  +   1792d ago
One has sales. The other one has everything else.
Motorola  +   1792d ago
very true. Graphics and Good Gameplay ftw.
Hoje0308  +   1792d ago
One has a gay green guy shotting purple things with a pink gun. The other one has great atmosphere, interesting antagonists and unique gameplay.
Halo is like COD for ages 3 and up.
Red_Orange_Juice  +   1793d ago
Killzone 3 is my 2011 FPS, also Resistance and Socom look fantastic. So many top-notch exclusive shooters on ps3.
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Neckbear  +   1793d ago
...But don't we have enough Shooters already?
Fishy Fingers  +   1793d ago
If you like shooters, like me, then nope :)

There's plenty of scope within one genre for different experiences and styles.
DigitalRaptor  +   1793d ago
Killzone and Resistance are the only 2 shooters I'm looking forward to next year. I mean actual core shooters.

There are games like RAGE and Deus Ex 3 (which I will be getting) that you can call shooters, but there's something more to them than just shooting.

As for Killzone 3. It's gonna be an absolutely killer game. Sony's highlight of early 2011 alongside LittleBigPlanet 2. Most of, if not all of the faults from KZ2 will be amended, improved and the story will be better with lots more variation. And based on the Multiplayer Beta, it's going to be an absolutely solid MP, to go along with the epic campaign.

It won't have something like Forge World (Halo) but I doubt that would be possible, since the textures are specifically modelled, and I doubt they could be used to create full-on dynamic MP maps.

But I think as a whole package Killzone 3 can certainly compete with and surpass Halo Reach, but both games are completely different, in both look and feel!
AKA  +   1792d ago
you can't miss SOCOM4
it will be a epic game MP.
just make sure to get in a cool clan, it means a lot if you are in one it changes everything.
Chuk5  +   1792d ago
Why would they be bothered? Halo is one of the best Fps in the last 10 years. It simply means KZ is that good
M4ndat0ry_1nstall  +   1792d ago
I think a comparison between Killzone and Halo is an insult to Halo. How can you compare a franchise that has virtually no fanbase, no longevity, no real hype, no identity and needed to re-invent it's self because the first game flopped. How can you compare that to a cult classic like Halo?

I mean seriously, it's like using Uwe Boll and Steven Spielberg in the same sentence.
sashimi  +   1792d ago
More like a insult to Killzone, Just cause mostly Americans love Halo doesn't mean its the best game ever.
kaveti6616  +   1792d ago
Halo is a good game. Leave it at that. Comparing Killzone to Halo is a compliment to Killzone because Halo is a good game.
duplissi  +   1792d ago
halo 1,2 and reach are good games... now 3 and odst on the other hand... ugh

as far as the first killzone it was a good game, but what held it back was that it was too technically ambitious for the ps2 and that the enemy dialog was far too repetitive. i loved it but even i can admit that it was a little undercooked.
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dead_eye  +   1792d ago
Cult classic. You don't even know what that means. Halo isn't a cult classic. It's a summer blockbuster if anything. It appeals to the masses.
Odin777  +   1792d ago
Killzone 2 didn't really flop, ya know.
ComboBreaker  +   1792d ago
Killzone 2 flopped? You're an idiot. Killzone 2 won so many Game of the Year/FPS Game of the Year awards from so many sites and magazines.
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enkeixpress  +   1792d ago
They aren't bothered because they know that K3 looks 10x better than Halo: Reach, That's why. :)

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Zachmo182  +   1792d ago
Yes we all know it looks better....But does that make it the better game NO!!!!
R2D2  +   1792d ago
You go ahead and play pretty graphics
while I snipe a missile in the air and kill some one with a ricochet shot of the bank wall.
ComboBreaker  +   1792d ago
You don't want great graphics? Only great gameplay?
Then you have just wasted hundreds of dollars on your next gen 360 systesm. You spent so much money on your 360 for last gen graphics? Why would you want bad graphics? Might as well played Halo 1 on the Xbox then, and save some money. Halo on the Xbox still have the best gameplay of all Halo games and the graphics of Halo 1 already matched the graphics of Halo 3 anyway.

You're just wasting your money dude.

Anyway, I am going to go look at the grogeous graphics of Killzone 3 while also enjoying the great gameplay that it provides.
Weaksauce1138  +   1792d ago
Kz2 does have some great detailed generic landscapes and some of the highest textured playable douche bags this gen!
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jarrod1981  +   1792d ago
but doesnt gameplay matter as well. why all the defensive halo bashing. if halo games were on ps3 it bet it would sell millons and we wouldnt be having these arguments. this fanboy bullshit is so annoying. if kz is so much better why dont near as many people buy it seeing as both consoles are around the same in sales. let me guess, there is so much to play on ps3. well there is about the same on 360. you can only play so much gow3 and uc2.
Skadoosh  +   1792d ago
There is no comparison. Halo Reach is arguably the best shooter this gen, Killzone 2 is not even in the top 5. I bet you even with Halo Reach out, there are more people playing Halo 3 than people playing Killzone 2. The gaming majority doesn't care about Killzone. It's a small franchise.
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Odin777  +   1792d ago
Who cares about the gaming majority...fuck 'em. All they like is Call of Duty anyway.
Imperator  +   1792d ago
Man, even if there's millions of player you're not playing with all of them! You're only playing with 8-16 people per match. Therefore, even if there's only 20k people playing KZ2 regularly, it's still pretty damn good and you won't have trouble finding games.
0oAngeluso0  +   1792d ago
It's never a good thing to be called a "Halo Killer"
It's just not a good comparison. Look at Haze or the first Killzone, both those games carried that label. killzone 2 is not a very old game, but more people play Star Wars Battlefront 2 online on the Ps2 right now then play Killzone 2. People played kZ2 for a few weeks and then moved on.
Halo has been amazing from the start, which is another difference. To me Killzone games and Halo games are two totally different things. Halo fans are rabid and love their game, Killzone fans fall back on the "tech" or "graphics" angle but don't truly embrace their "Halo Killer".
Imperator  +   1792d ago
Call of Duty Killed Halo a long time ago. It seem 360 fanboys have chosen and they didn't choose Halo.
You Noob   1792d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(1)
xskipperx82  +   1792d ago
Why would they be mad about Killzone being comapred to a better game???
MidnytRain  +   1792d ago
I'm still trying to figure what kind of delusional nut it takes to compare Halo and Killzone...

-Sci-fi FPS
SephireX  +   1792d ago
Both franchises are great. Quit comparing. Fanboys on both sides just like trashing the opposition just because it is an exclusive. That is retarded and immature. True gamers respect games, regardless of console. KZ does some things better while Halo does other things better. I thought Reach had a great campaign and was very challenging and Bungie left the series on a high note. KZ2 revived the series and KZ3 will more than likely be amazing. How can fanboys say a game is crap if they have not played it or are they admitting they own both consoles? KZ2 was a great game but why it sold so little in comparison to Halo astounds me. The problem doesn't lie with the game, it lies with PS3 owners for not buying it!
#11 (Edited 1792d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
MidnytRain  +   1792d ago
And Sony's poor advertising. I have actually had the misfortune to meet a few poor souls who believe the PS3 doesn't have any games.
*crosses self*
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Bass_fisherman  +   1792d ago
Meh the only thing i see between these 2 are overrated move on
#12 (Edited 1792d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
Grenadan  +   1792d ago
i disagree since halo has

larger open environments
epic sky boxs
larger number of ai on screen
screen space ambient occlusion
higher res particle effects
tons of dynamic lighting
#13 (Edited 1792d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(8) | Report | Reply
DigitalRaptor  +   1791d ago
All I see there is things that differ, not make better.

Larger open environments? ...Have you seen any of Killzone 3's environments? Didn't think so.

Epic sky boxs? ...LOL wut!?

Larger number of AI on screen? ...Do you know the AI numbers in KZ3? Didn't think so.

SSAO, tessellation? ...there's no indication that GG isn't using any of these techniques or equivalent in Killzone 3. And does that really make the game better?

Higher res particle effect? ... Higher res - Really? How much higher? Last time I checked, Halo Reach was sub-HD and Killzone 2 and 3 ran in native 720p.

Dynamic lighting? ...Killzone 2's lighting system is far more dynamic and realistic-looking than Halo Reach. You obviously haven't played the game.
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ALFAxD_CENTAURO  +   1792d ago
Killzone 3 Alpha Beta code already is looking good, as Gameplay, as Graphics, as Content etc. Besides, Killzone it is more for a Mature Audience, not very childish.

Now can't wait to see the content for the retail version, the Story and a lot more features to be unveiled.

Also, I want to play it with PS Move and 3D enable.
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blackburn5  +   1792d ago
I think we are missing the point. Notice GG isn't concerned about the comparisons, so we shouldn't be either. We know that no matter what Sony does there will always be someone that puts them down so he can sleep better at night. Who cares? Don't sink to their level. Everyone exaggerated the problems that KZ1 and KZ2 had. It really wasn't that bad as people try to make it seem. KZ and Resistance are not Halo. Only stupid fanboys and trouble making gaming media try to compare Halo to every shooter in existance. It was them who started this whole comparison garbage. Ignore them and concentrate on what KZ and Resistance are and stop focusing on what they are not.Just look at all these haters, trolls and losers trying to convince us Halo is better when I am sure at least half never even played KZ in any form or fashion. 2011 is going to be a good year for the PS3. We don't owe anyone proof or explanation why PS3 games are awesome.
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rlm42  +   1792d ago
No Comparison
The Halo franchise destroys Killzone in every possible way except for graphics.
fight4love  +   1792d ago
halo is overrated like cod
Weaksauce1138  +   1792d ago
Overrated or not, his statement is true
Dark_king  +   1792d ago
No its not true physic,animation,AI and sounds all much better on Killzone 2.Now Killzone 3 pushes everything much further.
jarrod1981  +   1792d ago
true. there has to be a reason why so many more people play halo and for so much longer. that has to say somthing about the games. i would say it means they are pretty good. you would think their would be one sensible sony fan that would give props to halo for what its done but sadly there are none apparently.
bviperz  +   1792d ago
If you have confidence in your product then comparisons really don't bother you.
Surt  +   1792d ago
Both games falls to ones own taste.
But too all those that use sales to justify a game, I call BS. Justin bierber sales millions of records, doensnt change that his music is crap. Killzone is not for everyone tho, and at times is more frustrating then fun. But halo fan base is 8yrs old and up, and kill zone is not.

My choice is kill zone. Only cause I'm still playing it. I stopped playing halo at 2. But my number one reason is that one has bad ass looking characters and the other one (halo) has the power rangers. "The online is better on halo!"

I could give a rats ass about playing with kids.
Petay Pan   1792d ago | Spam
Surt  +   1792d ago
And Halo is such a great game...
No it's actually not. But my 10yr niece is playing it right now. Least till 11pm. (her bed time) see what I did there?
AKA  +   1792d ago
the funny thing is that you are not J/K
DAS692  +   1792d ago
They know they have a great game
That's why they don't care...
blackburn5  +   1792d ago
Helgast and Chimera. Best enemies in a FPS. Smart, strong and dangerous. Please 360 fanboys just go back to your ugly neon colored vehicles and enemies, power rangers battle armor and nerf or fisher price looking weapons and get lost.
#22 (Edited 1792d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
Pehdahosman  +   1792d ago
the covenant have took out and taken over dozens of planets and they have many breads.please get your overrated crappy story games out of here.just so you know halo owns klillzone in every way possible everyday
Dark-Cloud  +   1792d ago
oh comeone !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this is pethitic !!!
halo vs killzone !! idiots !!!!!
halo is the worst game i ever saw !!!!!! it's all because of you guys !!!!
it have bad gameplay-boring easy-nothing special in it - no need for skill - bad graphics comapred to killzone !! - almosteverything bad !!! and the thing that makes me really hate it not because it's in the xbox360 , it's because you guys still defend the game and still play it !!!! this is really annoying !!!
bungie should stop making this crap and start making something special or they are going to fail ........
xbox360 only have
1_forza 3
2_fable 1,2,3 ( 1/2 are in pc)
3_splinter cell (in pc)
4_gears of war 1 , 2 (didn't like the second one but i'll put it because it's good and the first game in pc )
5_alan wake
i enjoyed playing them but these games are still not as good as ps3 games !!!
the other games are crap and doesn't even worth mention !!!
mass effict isn't good at all !!!!! the gameplay really sucks !!!! story doesn't feel like an rpg game when i play it !! and mass effict 1 in pc and mass effict 2 will come next year in the ps3!!
#23 (Edited 1792d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
Masterchef2007  +   1792d ago
They are for different crowds that is why Guerrilla isn't worried. I mean to me Halo is for people who want to feel like Rambo in a spacesuit. Killzone 2 is for people who want to feel that they are a regular soldier in an epic planetary war.

I played both and i like the feel of killzone better because you feel more like an average grunt than a super soldier
NumOnePS3FanBoy  +   1792d ago
Halo is not worthy to be mentioned in the same sentence as killzone... ive played halo games before n couldnt for the life of me, understood why ppl were into it so much... killzone on the other hand, is pure quality eyecandy gaming, n da third one looks amazing.
Sizzon  +   1792d ago
lol at the fanboyism here, the only thing they have in common is that they both are fps'eses, but different fps'eses, killzone is like battlefield and halo like cod.
gypsygib  +   1792d ago
IMO Halo has better SP, Killzone better MP - I always find Halo MP soooo boring.

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