Wii 2 Is Not A Must For Late 2011

Kotaku:Nintendo of America's top guy, Reggie Fils-Aime, told Kotaku today that a successor to the Wii doesn't have to come out in 2011.

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Shoko2954d ago

Lol, you're not slick Regg. That's typical PR talk. And in no way is this saying that the next Nintendo console won't release next year. It's probably not a must, but it is a possibility.

turok2952d ago

wii2 wont come in 2011 thats already confirmed get over it. 2012 is.... possible but i wudnt get any hopes up.

InfectedDK2952d ago (Edited 2952d ago )

I think it would be the best for Nintendo to telease it mid-late 2011. I don't know if that's even possible but I think the Wii will only go backwards from 2011 and the PS3 will skyrocket and close the gap up to 360.

U don't need Pacther when I'm here.

TOO PAWNED2952d ago

i love how these kids tell us older gamers how it is going to play out, if you only new how ridiculous you look in our eyes...
No Wii2 until fall 2012.

zireno2952d ago

Agree 100% with you, if they were to release a new system as early as 2011, we would have heard about it, and for a long time now. A pretty good bet would be fall 2012 or later on.

SkylineR2952d ago

I honestly think Nintendo need to update their hardware. While graphics aren't everything, Wii's look downright horrible for today. I had a look at FIFA 11 today and the game has such a low res, low poly, jaggies heaven looking aspect to it, it's just not right. iPhone games look better than some of these Wii games.
On the flip side, games like Goldeneye look great for a Wii game but once again the aliasing lets the game down. All the HD remakes appearing on PS3 show that last gen graphics in HD aren't actually bad. Resolution helps a lot, and Nintendo need to realise this...
So bring on Wii 2/HD I say. It's well overdue.

imvix2952d ago (Edited 2952d ago )

Nintendo should just officially support Dolphin rofl. Agreed resolutions do help alot i recently played GOW 1 on PCSX2 looks great in 1080p, gonna play Gow2 soon.

No point waiting on these companies to rerelease classics, might even take alot at some of the other PS2 classics i got.

SuperSaiyan42954d ago

Well Nintendo had a great run with the Wii whilst it lasted but the appeal is more handheld related from what I can see. Maybe Nintendo should just stick with handhelds? Theres soo much news on Xbox 360 and PS3 games and new hardware I havent seen anything great or even general for the Wii in ages on N4G or anywhere.

turok2952d ago

... u look in the wrong sections.

Seferoth752952d ago

I guess Sony being a few million behind the Wii in sales means they had a pretty poor run and their next console is coming out soon as well.

felix882952d ago

Few millions ? More like few dozen millions. But Sony fanboys are delusional anyway

Seferoth752952d ago

Yeah a few million this year but it seems poor sales are good for Sony and even higher sales are doom for the Wii to some people. How they can be that stupid is beyond me

Knushwood Butt2952d ago

They haven't got anything to say, so they talk about the Wii 2.

It's going to be sooner rather than later.

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pedrami912952d ago

I say, that's a rather smart move of them. My guess is, the opt to wait for the PS3/360 to catch up a little, and not release the Wii successor too soon, for if they would, that would give Sony and Microsoft time to improve their own successors to either match or being improved over the Wii successor.

But what i really want is that all the consoles to be successful, i dont really like playing favorites.

My 2 cents.

Kos-Mos2952d ago

You mean copy the next Nintendo console like they have done every generation.

dosgrtr2952d ago

they're probably gonna release it in fall 2012,just can't see the wii2 and 3ds being released in the same year

KotC2952d ago

Can't wait for the next Nintendo console, untill then we have 3DS.

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