Geometry Wars developers warn 'cloners'

The creators of Geometry Wars has warned people to stop making 'clones' of the game in an announcement made today.

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Dick Jones3905d ago

Somebody take the keyboard away from that guy, what was he trying to do? Write a final act for Macbeth.

kewlkat0073905d ago

addicting game but as we all know these games always get cloned.

bohemian 233905d ago

Tell the dev. of Geometry wars to stop cloning games. We all know they weren't the first to do that type of game.

G_CodeMonkey3905d ago

Yes, I seem to remember game in the arcades that swallowed my quarters in $10 sessions... Original IP?? Maybe according to the "law", but we know its a rip-off. That said, I bought GW and am glad, but find this plea a little disingenuous. gCM