Guerrilla: 3D Gaming 'Packs a Bigger Punch'

Killzone 3 will be available with no only Move support, but 3D support too, pretty much making it a PlayStation 3 feature showcase. Destructoid asked Killzone 3 senior producer Steven Ter Heide exactly what it is about the gimmickry that will enhance his game.

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Red_Orange_Juice2953d ago (Edited 2953d ago )

I'd love to play Killzone 3 campaign in 3D too bad I probably won't have the oportunity to do so by the time the game is shipped. But once I get 3dtv I will replay it :).

No doubt GG will create stunning experience.

Rhezin2952d ago

it's a big fad that everyone and their brother are probably gonna buy into. But I'm not. Just wait till they have the 3D TV's WITHOUT the retarded glasses. i'm very happy playing games in 2D in HD.

RevXM2951d ago


It is not like you are going to walk around the streets showing all the world HOW AWESOME your new 3D glasses look?
If I were you, I would wear them in front of my tv, sitting on the couch at home.

They do the job, and most of them are comfy.

SMW2945d ago

Lol. Hating on 3D is like hating on HD. Just cos you cant afford it, doesnt mean it sucks.