Killzone 3 to Feature Better Paced Story, More Helghast

Despite being a massive fan of Killzone 2, the game's story has always been disappointing, not least because of how much wasted potential there is. The universe of Killzone, and the tragic villainy of the Helghast, can be quite fascinating, but the best stuff is out-of-game fluff. Senior producer Steven Ter Heide, however, promises that Killzone 3 will ramp things up.

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Red_Orange_Juice2953d ago (Edited 2953d ago )

I want to play as Helghast and fight the ISA scum!

huge KZ fan, can't wait

ComboBreaker2952d ago

None of which were featured/integrated into the game.

xYLeinen2952d ago

Yea, this point has been mentioned quite a bit.

Sony wants the killzone franchise and furthermost Killzone 3 to be a showcase of what the PS3 can do. With that I mean how they can push the PS3, 3D support and Move support. While the fans are others in the gaming industry want to have other takes on the SP and generally have all the focus on the SP and MP content and quality wise. With that a Helghast campaign have been mentioned because the Helghast don't necessary need to be seen as only bad.
They are under a ruthless dictator and it would be fun to see Helghast uproar groups which would be playable and give a whole another view on the SP and the KZ universe.

Even tho I'm getting KZ3 day one and it's my most anticipated game Q1 of 2011. Can't wait..

raztad2952d ago

KZ story always has been told from ISA side of things, however KZ1 did a very good job in showing the events occurring to the helghast chain of command. KZ2 lost some of this helghast storytelling and it was too ISA centric for the worse. Probably a product of the storytelling style set in CoD. I think KZ3 needs to make Helghast a central part of the story, not just cannon fodder. The potential is infinite in this one.

morganfell2952d ago (Edited 2952d ago )

Red Orange Juice - That was where I thought this story should have went for Killzone 3.

You should have spent the game as an Assault Team Leader, the son of Visari. Killing ISA until the last 2 levels of the game when your uncle, Colonel Hakka, showed you the truth and in the final level you rescue Sev and Rico.

That said I love what they have done. I stopped playing the beta long enough to burn through the poorly made Single Player of Black Ops and then it was back to the beta.

Convas2952d ago

If I can put on Helghast armor, I'll be happy. SHOW US THE JUNGLES!!!

LordMarius2952d ago

I hope they add more layers to Sev, he is the main character but when people think about Killzone they just think about the Helghast

UnSelf2952d ago (Edited 2952d ago )

in a way i kinda like it like that. it shows that War is naturally more important than just the soldier. and it puts into perspective how insignificant an actal soldier is in the grand scheme of things.

Main characters are 1 dimensional if u think about it. "look at me, im saving the world all by myself"

kinda unrealistic

LordMarius2952d ago

well thats why they should add layers to him, like how Insomniac is adding some dimension to Cappeli

cyberwaffles2949d ago

i agree with UnSelf.

i think thats why i've always found master chief from the halo series slightly cheesy. don't get me wrong, it's a great franchize in its own right, but i don't feel connected to his character or let a lone the fact that he is supposed to be mankind's last hope.

realistically, mankind would never be contigent on just one person to save the world; especially just a marine.

StarScream4Ever2952d ago

Perhaps in future Killzone games we might play a part in the first Intersolar War and the Exodus. All as a Helghan! :D

Mr Tretton2952d ago

They've mentioned a lot about being inspired by Uncharted 2.

mushroomwig2952d ago (Edited 2952d ago )

If only more developers were inspired by Uncharted 2, the quality of the games would improve quite a bit.

beavis4play2952d ago (Edited 2952d ago )

the problem is, most devs don't have the talent that naughty dog has.

cyberwaffles2949d ago

i think Kojima, ND, and Bioware have good guidelines to follow when crafting a story and campaign.

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