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Gameplaybook's final verdict of Microsoft's motion controller is in. So, how did it fare?

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SuperSaiyan42956d ago

And to be honest imo its rubbish, you can't send picture messages you need the vision camera still and have to disconnect Kinect to send them. Also for video chatting the quality is poor (thats if you can vc for some reason i can't and even Microsoft are unable to figure it out). And you cannot use Kinect in Uno I mean it's got what 2 cameras built in or was it 1? Either way you would think you dont need the vision camera? Wrong you need both >_>
Also the voice recognition is rubbish and sometimes it will go to the Kinect dashboard by itself.

Lastly you dont need loads of space which i can confirm.

IronFistChinMi2956d ago

The majority of those features you've stated are coming soon. As for VR, it works like a charm for me. Have you tried to re-calibrate yet?

darthv722956d ago

for those games like uno are coming to add similar support like the live vision did.

What I am most curious about, will more games now support picture and video like what burnout and uno did? Sure it seemed kind of hokey but it had a weird quirk to it that made it neat.

It seems highly possible that kinect will sell far more than the live vision did (i have one myself) which could entice developers to add in stuff like that. It may not be full body stuff but still it is being put to use even on the littlest of things.

Biggest2956d ago

So let's recap the positive reviews:

It doesn't matter if it's in good working order right now. It doesn't matter if there are quality games available right now. It doesn't matter that it costs $150. One day they will improve it. One day they will release quality games. One day there will be a price drop. 8/10!

Blacktric2956d ago

Games aren't crap. There are great games amongst launch titles, but all of them are aimed for casual crowd. As they said, there are more titles coming in 2011 along with the ones aimed for hardcore gamers. I agree with the price thing though. It's really high for me right now.

darthv722956d ago (Edited 2956d ago )

Maybe this will refresh your mind how things work.

It doesn't matter if it's in good working order right now. It doesn't matter if there are quality games available right now. It doesn't matter that it costs "$600". One day they will improve it. One day they will release quality games. One day there will be a price drop.

Sound familiar?

lowcarb2956d ago

You make a good point which unfortunately will be ignored by the same people who were saying just that many years ago. There's just no reasoning with some of these guys until they try something using 8bit as an example.

Seraphemz2956d ago

Ps3 wasn't in good working order? Or was that the 360?
600 for backwards compatibility, wifi, card readers,hdmi......AND BLU-RAY... Pay for what you get.

Biggest2956d ago

I knew someone would try to use PS3 in that instance. Super fail though. The PS3 worked as advertised right out of the box. It had WiFi that worked. It had BluRay that worked. It had backwards compatability that worked. It had standard hard drives that worked. It had excellent games that worked. It is still the most feature packed console ever created. But you already knew that.

Want another example of how you super failed? When the PS3 was released it was HAMMERED by the English speaking media. Using it as defense for the Kinect would mean that the reviews were horrible. But somehow there are many reviews that highlight the crap and omit a score, or highlight the crap and say "It's okay! We love it!"

lowcarb2956d ago

If your going to sit up here and say the PS3 worked right out of the box your full of it. As a matter a fact if you
spent 600 at launch you had to be a moron especially since there were no really game changing games at launch. At that time 360 had the best graphics and was 200 cheaper.

Biggest2956d ago

Since when does every game have to be a game changer? When the PS3 was released it had games like Heavenly Sword, Resistance: Fall of Man, Uncharted, and WarHawk. Those happen to be four of my favorite games this generation.

What does that have to do with working out of the box? Name one of the features included with the PS3 that did not work out of the box. I only want to know one of them, so it should be easy for you.

What games on the 360 had better graphics than Uncharted at the time? What games on 360 had better graphics than Heavenly Sword at the time? I'm asking about graphics because you said the 360 had "the best graphics". The 360 was cheaper. But we aren't talking about the lack of quality with the 360 hardware right now. If you wanted an Xbox 360 with Wifi, Xbox Live (to use your WiFi), and a hard drive you would have paid well over $600. After you paid that, you hoped it wouldn't break on you. Remember that the awesome warranty help didn't come for another year or so.

As a recap:
Name a game that had better graphics than Uncharted or Heavenly Sword at the time they were released.
Name one feature of the launch PS3 that didn't work.
Explain why a console that required extra payment for simple things like wireless internet, internet use, and hard drive space is considered "cheaper" to you. I don't mean cheap hardware. We all know it was horrible. I mean cheaper cost.

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T9X692956d ago

I agree about the picture messaging, I was a little disappointed I couldn't send pic messages considering the thing has facial recognition which works pretty well. How is the VC poor if you haven't been able to use it lol? I've never tried but you probably have to set it up in Video Kinect, that would be my guess. The voice commands have worked perfectly for me and I've never had it pop up or do anything because of background noise.

As far as the space, I agree, I don't need tons of space at all if I wish to play a game by myself. The only time I need a decent amount of space is if me and my GF play a game together. I also agree with the article, Kinect Sports and Dance Central are probably the best games Kinect offers right now. I only played the demo of DC, and my GF tried it out last night which gave me a good laugh, but Kinect Sports is fun as hell. I particularly love the Table Tennis because of how accurate it is with little to no lag.

DixieNormS2956d ago

I'm pretty sure your complains will be taking care of down the road with updates. Because I found that to be kind of annoying as well. But you called it rubbish for those reasons? I find it fun as hell. A hell of a lot funner than the wii. Thats for sure. My daughters love it. We played around 6 or 7 hours worth the first day I picked it up, and was sore as hell the next 3. I recomend everyone try it. and not judge until after wards. Yes there is lag but not sufficient to break the deal. Its a party hardware so playing with others is were its at. I give it an 8/10.

militant072956d ago

my arms hurt i think i played kinect sport alot
its very much fun and kinect works with it best.

tigertom532956d ago (Edited 2956d ago )

i cant wait to get mine I would also like netflix support but I guess will wait for more updates as well

Iramo2956d ago