Folklore: 3 videos for your pleasure

Three gameplay videos: "Cernunnos Battle," "Faery Lord," and "Capturing Id."

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MK_Red4097d ago

The game has a unique charm and the gameplay looks fun and interesting (Getting and combining monsters). This could be a surprise hit.

achira4097d ago

i think the style of this games apeals to many ppl. i will buy this game for sure.

ngg123454097d ago

to be the two surprise hits of the year. I actually am hyping this to be the best rpg of the year, because of shin megami dev team.

Baba19064097d ago

i love this kind of games =D lots of fantasy lots of adventure !!!

LSDARBY4097d ago

I downloaded the demo a few days ago and the graphics were really really impressive

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