Dirt 3 Dev Diary: Part 1-Rally

Watch the new rally cars in action on ice, dirt, gravel and tarmac. Also, the developers talk about the game while stirring music plays.

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LiamIRL822951d ago

Only four countries? Was expecting a lot more than that.

tails132951d ago

Hopefully there is more as he was answering what the 'new' locations are.

To further support this, all those locations are 'new' as they've never featured in a Dirt game before.

FishCake9T42951d ago

Yeah he means additions to the other countries not just 4 i total. Cant wait for this game.

Nihilism2951d ago

You know how it works dude, the other countries will be paid DLC...

Xfanboy2951d ago

hopefully they use dx11 better than they did in dirt2..

2951d ago
dirthurts2951d ago

I never liked the xgames tracks and such.

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