Microsoft Sending Checks for 360 Repairs

Thebbps writes:

"Looky here at what showed up in the mail today. Inside was a check for $139.90, which was the amount of my repair bill back in May. A step in the right direction? I say yes. A better step would be to make a damn console that doesn't break, but hey, I'm not complaining too much right now."

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cloud3603526d ago

By the way the more power it takes to use it... the worst

Wii semms like a good console

TriggerHappy3526d ago (Edited 3526d ago )

This is very good news and definitely a great step in the right direction.

stunt2133525d ago

this makes me want to get a 360

barom3525d ago

lol does it really?

I mean does paying money for a console and then it breaks and then you pay for repair and then a few months later (I assume) you get your money back?

I mean it's cool of microsoft to take responsibility and all but it doesn't really make me wanna get a X360.

stunt2133525d ago that u put it that way, it makes me not want get 360 until the new 65nm chips is out in store.

AngryTypingGuy3525d ago

People that still think that every 360 is going to break are idiots. My 360 was bought 3 months after launch and it's still going strong. I keep it well ventilated and I don't move it while it's on, or while it has a CD in it. My 360 even runs at a fairly cool temperature. It's never hot to the touch, even when playing for a long period of time.

The new 360's have an added heatsink. They're not going to overheat unless you put it in extreme conditions. With a three year warranty on top of that, you can game with confidence (not to mention, have access to the greatest next-gen library of games).

Kenshin_BATT0USAI3525d ago

actually IF they had added the heatsink everyone would have known by now. So as far as anyone knows the Xbox360 is still gonna overheat at times.

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MaximusPrime3526d ago

still Microsoft losing a lot of money and been forced to send a check

LoydX-mas3525d ago

MS looses less money by doing this than Sony looses on every console sold.:)

Sovannah Phum3525d ago

yeah but microsoft is paying people with their own money!

AngryTypingGuy3525d ago

I guess that means that Microsoft isn't really "paying" people then. They're just returning the customers money, thereby making the console repairs a free service, which is the right thing to do. Microsoft will be better off in the end by being in the customers' good graces.

unsunghero283525d ago

is because while it was pending this article was about the power consumption of the different consoles. It was a duplicate, so I guess merc3nary changed it to this.

SuperSaiyan43525d ago

Its cheques not checks...

toughNAME3525d ago

ye the rest of the world spells it 'cheques'

checks..looks so lazy

ReBurn3525d ago

Not lazy. There's just no need for superfluous 'u's.

ShiftyLookingCow3525d ago

hmm cheques sounds like french to me, no thanks I am happy with freedom fries.

Bolts3525d ago

No self respecting American is going to spell it that way.

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-_-_-_-_-_-_-3525d ago

Hey! Microsoft giving money away!! People of the World, gather around!

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The story is too old to be commented.