Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit Blows Critics Away

Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit is one of this year`s most anticipated games, hopefully not totally overshadowed by Black Ops. According to the NFS: HP website, droves of positive reviews have been spilling in over the past few days.

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yarbie10002954d ago

Probably gonna trade in MOH for this game

MrMccormo2954d ago

I am not saying NFS will be bad.

However (bookmark this statement), a lot of gamers and media outlets will over-praise NFS so that the 360 can have its "GT5 killer" this fall, even though PS3 will have both games.

The media has a track-record of doing this already: Bayonetta is a GoW killer. 360 wins! (even though PS3 has both games), Prototype is an inFamous killer. 360 wins (even though PS3 has both games), etc.

nix2954d ago

you know what... this time verdict for NFS is already out. the only thing 'they' can do is crib abt nitigrities in GT5. 1000 cars vs. less than 100 cars. it's that simple.

Mmmkay2954d ago

i don't care if gt5 has 200 or 1000 cars, it has handling....!

Quagmire2954d ago

Dude, I own a PS3, an i personally prefer NFS to GT5

Spitfire_Riggz2951d ago

There is a big difference though, this is an arcade style racer. This is not meant to be a simulation and it shouldn't be compared to GT5. Personally I want both NFS Hot Pursuit and GT5. The original Hot Pursuit on the PS1 was my first and favorite racing game when I was a kid.

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morkendo232954d ago

10/10??? wow!!! guess GT5 will have 20/20 if thats POSSIBLE!!

fierysensation2951d ago

Overshadowed by Black-Ops? You mean GT5?

Anywho, I'm getting both NFS:HP and GT5. Both look wonderful for my sim and arcade racer needs.