Not all Gran Turismo 5 tracks feature weather effects

Gamingbolt: Some sad news for GT fans, all GT 5 tracks won’t be featuring weather effects and day to night transitions.

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gameseveryday2952d ago

Is there any official reasoning to this? Or is it just that the engine is not ready and will be patched later?

dosgrtr2952d ago

this was already mentioned in the track list

InfectedDK2952d ago (Edited 2952d ago )

It DOESN'T matter.
Btw. it releases on 24. nov. and it's very epic and sick.

Longrod_Von_Hugendon2951d ago (Edited 2951d ago )

Who here thought that in the first place? Fuck off gamingbolt. The best racing sim this generation (only on PS3!) you're bitching about weather? haha

I just put in my pre-order and I can't wait for Nov 24!

tacosRcool2951d ago

That what patches and updates are for! GT5 FTW!

ShinMaster2951d ago (Edited 2951d ago )


(This is old news. Gamingbolt nitpicking fails again)

N4WAH2951d ago (Edited 2951d ago )

This might possibly be the most scrutinized game for the PS3 yet. That in itself says it all. Doesn't the media (I know it's a stretch to call gamingbolt the media) have anything better to do then be so negative all the time?

How about writing articles on what GT5 will offer and how excited fans of the series are that it is finally nearing release? I feel like kicking my dog now.
*whistle* Where are you Brady? Come here boy.

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Antan2952d ago

F**m me, this is old news, do you actually do any research before you do these articles? I say articles in the loosest sense mind.

PAPERCHASER03962952d ago

They should change their name to GAMINGBITC%ES every thing they've been posting lately is what the game lacks and nit-pickin anything they can find... Damn give it a rest already

Spider0502952d ago

Weather effects = raining or snowing...

Ofcuase all maps cant have a rain or snow...
It would be stupid.
Just normal weather is fine like in all other racing games...
Forza 3 dident have rain and no night race

ryuzu2952d ago

Has been known pretty much since weather was announced (and time too).

I think the problem is pushing 16 high poly cars plus various extra effects.

Not sure how this will manifest - I imagine, like verything PD do, each track has to be hand built to support the weather and lighting and that takes a lot of time.


fossilfern2952d ago

OH NOES! looks like i will have to get Forza Kinect :D I love dumbed down racing sims that just turn and break for you :D

W831Liquidsnake2951d ago

I wasn't expecting all the tracks to have it. This game is going to KICK A**

Jeremy Gerard2951d ago

is this such a half assed game, 6 years to make a half assed game.

Did they do anything completely?

yewles12951d ago

No night races what so ever, NO weather effects at all, wheels DISCONNECTED from cars (being held together by thin air)--oh wait, that's Forza 3...

IRetrouk2951d ago (Edited 2951d ago )

your acting very butt hurt ther jeremy. jelous is jelous.

DJMarty2951d ago

You idiot, the game did't take 6 years to make. It took around 3 years, as they also completed GT5P & PSP Gran Turismo in that 6 years Time frame.

iPad2951d ago

Why so much hate on GT5 and previous GTs never had hate. Hmmmmmmm. Fishy ;) ;)

2951d ago
sashimi2951d ago (Edited 2951d ago )

Yeah M$ brings all the worse fanboys and it clearly shows. They hate what they can't have.

visualb2951d ago

grammar deficiency....=|

actually, the whole article is a grammatical mess...

+ this has been known for quite a while now...-__-

but yeah kinda sucks I guess, would make sense to have rain weather here:


Eu2951d ago

Quite amazing that some people are waiting to rain in plain freaking DESERT and to snow in such places as well....lets not forget that in some places of this little planet of ours happen to rain once or twice a year....the nipticking continues....

Domer252951d ago

I could give a sh!t! I'm ready to play.....

blind-reaper2951d ago

do people really expect see snow in a desert track?? Cmon!! use something called LOGIC

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Motorola2951d ago

Yeah cuz when IM RACING in a video game, I dont look at the car in front of me!! NOO I LOOK AT THE WEATHER AND LOSE THE RACE!!!/s

cyborg2952d ago

this specifies which tracks features weather and which doesn't

dosgrtr2952d ago

that was mentioned in the track list

Si-Fly2951d ago

It is old, try checking GT Planet once in a while. Or just check it every hour like me lol!

Simco8762952d ago

Makes sense, some are probably not made to be in the time frame of weather changes or day/night trans