New Character Varric Revealed for Dragon Age II

It’s only a few months from the release of Dragon Age II, and if past is precedent, we should be in store for a virtual blitz of new media for the game over the next couple of months. As huge Bioware fans (and not ashamed to admit it), we’re quite ok with that. Luckily for us, the blitz begins today with the character reveal of Varric. Here’s the description directy from Bioware’s website:

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antihiroprotagonist2956d ago

Isn't a dwarf at all! Amirite?!

TheRealLando2956d ago

Looking forward to this game, big time.

AchievementJunkie2956d ago

I liked the first. This one is shaping up to be even better.

AchievementJunkie2956d ago

I hope they improve the combat in this one. Loved the first, but definitely felt like a grind after a bit.

Nightshade3862956d ago

I'm an abashed fan of pretty much anything Bioware does. I loved Dragon Age: Origins. But clearly, the combat was designed for a PC interface. They're said all versions will have different interfaces this time around, which means the console versions should be better this time.

AchievementJunkie2956d ago

Hope so. Loved the game, hated the interface.