Two Worlds gets a 1/5 from GameSpy

That is effectively a 2/10.

Here is what their review says:-

It's rare that a game releases that is so shockingly incompetent. Online options don't make it any better; they're simply a chance to play a terrible game with other people, in a few innovative modes like "Team Deathmatch." When something this just plain malign comes out, it's cause for a sort of celebration, because every other game will seem better by comparison. If you absolutely insist on playing Two Worlds, at least you can rest easy in the knowledge that every other 360 game you play afterward -- and we're including Sneak King on that list -- will be a better, more polished experience.

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nasim4122d ago

Although Two worlds got bad scores like 2 and 4 from GAMESPY and lot of other websites it surprisingly got 7/10 from Gamespot.

This also solidifies the claims that GS is run by Bots.

Ripten has given TWO WORLDS a 4/10

and DOUCE CZ(polish magazine) has given TWO WORLDS a 1/10


Mr VideoGames4122d ago

these Reviews are nothing but crap i have never listen to the Reviews in my Life, there just people like us that give there opinions "THATS IT!", i would just play the Game and decide for Myself, i personally Love Two-Worlds im level 53 on it and im Addicted to it right now, i like it more than Oblivion the GamePlay is way Better and like i said i give it a 10/10 for GamePlay and a 7/10 for Graphics, graphics aren't important as long as the Game is Fun, and anyone who thinks this Game sucks is Simple Minded and is just a Robot like everyone else in the Industry. Thats all i have to say...

Chris_GTR14122d ago

looks like this game sucks. i thought it would of ended up a better game.

xCAPTSTONERB91x4122d ago

worst game ive ever played :p......thank god its a rental

360_Rules4122d ago

Gamespot gave this game a 7.0

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The story is too old to be commented.