COD: Black Ops Prestige Edition RC-XD Review (GameBlurb)

GameBlurb writes, "Many forums on the internet have already asked the imminent question: is the RC car worth it? I decided to test out the baby myself and give you all my impressions."

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MicrocutsX22625d ago

I got the hardened edition. The RC car didn't seem like it was worth the price.

JsonHenry2624d ago

I bought my son a RC helicopter with the same voice/camera and it FLIES for $40 at walmart...

Not saying it isn't worth it, just that it is not exactly the deal of the century either.

jaidek2625d ago

Well at least this is much better than the piece of crap Gears of War 2 RC car! That thing was overpriced and the wheels were so large that if you turned while driving straight the thing would stop...

junk3d2625d ago

If buy this if I had the cash! But this is one expensive collectors edition.

liquidxtension2625d ago

I don't think its worth it.

thekillerchrist2625d ago

I get the feeling that Activision thinks its hardcore fans are of the creepy stalker variety because the Prestige edition for Modern Warfare 2 had nightvision goggles and now this one has a little spy RC car. My only comfort is that neither seem to be especially good at what they're supposed to do.

rdgneoz32625d ago

Not true. I combined the two and now I can send the RC-XD car to spy on you while you sleep...

cb4g2624d ago

Do you live out your creepy 'Silence of the Lambs' fantasy in your darkened basement.

BTW, the goggles work great. It just needs too many batteries. Haven't tried the RC yet though.

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The story is too old to be commented.