Xbox 360 Kinect’s Space Demands Have Been Over-Exaggerated

Throughout the months since this year’s big reveal of Microsoft’s full-body motion-control device for the Xbox 360, Kinect, at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) back in June, much has been made of the space requirements demanded for use. After an extensive period of testing on every launch title, in multiple locations, Electronic Theatre can officially state that the issue has been severely over exaggerated.

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MrMccormo2952d ago

"Exaggerated" an Kinect go hand-in-hand.

In some cases, the fanboy hate against it is exaggerated.

In most cases, Kinect's capabilities and lineup of core games has also been exaggerated.

ProjectVulcan2952d ago

I question the journalistic credentials of this site.

Over-Exaggerated isnt even a word. Exaggerated already means to overstate, no need to say something is over-overstated

longcat2952d ago

Over-hyped camera is over-hyped

ryuzu2952d ago

Good news! You only need a barn instead of Hangar to play it in. Yay!

Bad news - the games are still lame....


kneon2952d ago

The article is still a bit misleading. Fine you can play game X at 8 feet. But unless the game allows you to just stand in one spot you still need more room. You would still want at least 2 or 3 feet behind you for many of these games. You can't really play a dancing game with the back of your legs pressed up against the sofa.

And then there are some games that are not full body and don't require you to move around, so those you can play much closer than 6 feet. I've played MAG sitting less than 4 feet from the camera. I expect there are, or will be Kinect games that also only need to view your upper body so those should work close up to the camera as well.

vhero2952d ago

Erm who to believe? MS and a couple of sites?? Or the majority of reviewers??? Swing and a miss boys... Swing and a miss..

EVILDEAD3602952d ago (Edited 2952d ago )

Been saying this all along.

The system asks you in advance what distance you want to play at and then it adjusts the games from that point.

They keep pretending that Kinect has some ridiculous requirement, but Sports champion asks you to play at 8 feet and NOBODY mentions it.

Even GamePro exaggerated what was needed to play Kinect.

It doesn't matter at this point because the system launched and people can see for themselves that the reports were innacurate at best.

Now it perfectly clear why Microsdft had the preclude false information from ruining the launch


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Gue12952d ago

You spin me right round, baby
right round like a record, baby
Right round round round

mantisimo2952d ago

.....the videos of people smacking stuff and falling over it would seem that the space has not been overexaggerated one bit!

gravemaker2952d ago

lol, it require 2 meters at least, i know - i have it

dktxx22952d ago

That's funny. Some would say Kinect itself has been over-exaggerated.

gigaware2952d ago

Sure troll if you say so.

dktxx22952d ago

go take a look at MS's e3 conference the year they announced kinect, and tell me that MS delivered all they said kinect ( or natal as they called it back then) would be capable of. the answer to anyone with an intelligent and non-biased brain is no, they didnt. not even close actually. its nothin more than a well advertised eyetoy right now.

Belasco2952d ago

Over-exaggerated is a redundant statement. Just saying.

mrv3212952d ago

Something you don't seem to factor in

Move uses a controller mostly, if it can see the move controller then you canplay so no need to move the table out of the way... Kinect needs to see ALL of you to work for most games, meaning a empty-ish living room.

Move is also more widely working on the sofa, with Kinect you have to STAND UP.

While numerically both seem similar in ACTUAL real life the truth is Kinect will require more space

rdgneoz32952d ago

Hell, with Move I can lay on my comfy bed and use it for Most games.

butterfinger2952d ago

you must not be playing any Move-specific games or you are flat-out lying.

himdeel2952d ago (Edited 2952d ago )

...because I was playing RE5 last night while I laid on my couch. Besides those times where the enemies grab you, it doesn't take much for some Move-specific games and you can play comfortably on a couch laying down.

FunAndGun2952d ago

@ butter

You can play The Shoot or Time Crisis laying down, or in any position really.

butterfinger2952d ago (Edited 2952d ago )

Resident Evil 5 is not a Move-specific title. A Move-specific title would be something like Sports Champions or The Fight: Lights Out.

@FunAndGun - So what you are telling me is that you can play crappy games that you simply have to point at the screen from laying down on your bed? What a shocker! Maybe I was wrong. Maybe most Move games are just so simplistic in terms of gameplay that you can just play them exactly like on the Wii. Enjoy the waggle, I guess.

mrv3212952d ago

Can I ask WHY does it have to me Move only for it to be a good move games?

All I hear is 'well it isn't move only so Move sucks'

For me a controller is a damn good control medium and if a device can be close enough to it that they both work then it's great.

FunAndGun2952d ago


"you must not be playing any Move-specific games or you are flat-out lying."

The Shoot and Time Crisis can only be played on the Move, and are indeed "Move-specific".

"It gets so tiring reading all of the ignorant people on this site."

Please take your own advice because you make yourself sound like one of those ignorant people. You said he wasn't playing any Move games or was lying. Well I just gave you 2 examples of games that can be played laying down.

butterfinger2952d ago (Edited 2952d ago )

I'm sure any game that requires you to simply point at the screen wouldn't require much space at all. Guess what? Kinect doesnt require hardly any space when navigating menus in which is performing basically the same thing you are talking about with games like Time Crysis, The Shoot, RE5, etc. By the way, I never said "Move sucks". The fact that that is all you heard just shows how sensitive of a fanboy you really are. I wouldn't have bought the Move if I really thought it sucked, but I will defend the Kinect's space requirements when compared to that of the Move. Playing the gladiator game on Sports Champions with 2 people takes more space than any of the Kinect games I've played requires thus far. Maybe you should try things before you bash them based on others' opinions.

@FunAndGun - Hey moron, please point to where I said Time Crisis and The Shoot aren't Move-specific. I said that RE5 isn't, because it's not. All you did was point out 2 games that only require you to point at the screen and barely "move" at all. Of course games like that don't require a lot of space. Apparently you have piss-poor reading comprehension skills. Also, I'd like to ask; what advice was I giving when I said "I get tired of reading allot the ignorant people on this site...?" I was making an observation, not a suggestion, but it's clear you are definitely one of the ignorant masses.

rdgneoz32952d ago

"What is the point if we aren't discussing games that are made to maximize the experience?"

The fact that Move can be used any number of ways helps maximize the experience. If you're tired after a long day at work or have been outdoors for the past several hours, you can still use Move and play a ton of games.
Also, as others have said, The Shoot and Time Crisis are Move specific games. Tumble, echochrome ii (the demo for now) are Move specific as well and you don't need to be standing up the whole time. Move also can be used in RE5, Heavy Rain, MAG, R.U.S.E which add to the experience. Next year you have KZ3, Socom 4, Sorcery, Under Siege where you can use Move and don't have to be standing the whole time. Move helps add to the experience. Sure there will be games that you have to be standing up with room to play, but unlike Kinect its not gonna be every single game.

p.s. Instead of saying "Move-specific games", say games where you have to be standing up the whole time.

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JokesOnYou2952d ago (Edited 2952d ago )

with kinect theres a maximum of 8ft for 2 players needed, the space is dependent on the type of gameplay. I've played kinect adventures and kinect sports for myself and really the space requirements only make sense, I mean would you really want to be pretending to throw a javeline with less than 6ft from your TV?, kick, block a soccer ball with 2 players in less than 8ft? If your apartment, basement, or flat is too small for that then kinect is not for you. Again it just makes sense, given that kinect allows very active full body games.

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