Virtual Resort sold for $635,000

A player of Planet Calypso has just managed to sell his virtual resort for $635,000. That is disgusting….

Planet Calypso is the oldest planet in Entropia Universe the game where you actually use real money to buy items and services. Today someone definitely proved that, by selling the largest Asteroid Space Resort property, largely known for housing Club NeverDie. It has been broken up into smaller portions and sold off to new investors.

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Killer62720d ago

How do people make that kind of money with it?

Projekt7tuning2719d ago

Should I help the starving kids in Africa, or buy this Virtual property for nearly 1 million dollars that helps no one?
Yea I'm going property!

At times I wish people's IQ would be close to the amount of excess money they have.
That way the cast of Jersey Shore couldn't do any damage.

EddyD2720d ago

I guess you start off with $100,000, buy something with it and wait...

Lovable2719d ago

Woot. I got a piece of it for a measly$58000 dollars. I got a great discount!!!

rekof2719d ago

That is an understatement of the year right ere !!

*pulling a earplug out of my ass''

OhReginald2719d ago

Hey guys I just bought a virtual place for $635,000!!!!!

Its soooo badasssss!!!

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The story is too old to be commented.