Sony PS3 Protective Mask For Halloween

If you want to get ready for Halloween and protect your shiny Sony PS3 surface from dust then check out the Sony PS3 Protective Mask Scream Style.

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MK_Red3855d ago (Edited 3855d ago )

That is the scariest PS3 I've seen! Nice find.

MaximusPrime3855d ago

nice find but i think the dust would more likely gather at the "mouth" of that monster, dont ya think?

Bloodshedder3855d ago

nice i want one!! dont mather the dust just looks bad a$s

akaFullMetal3855d ago

looks pretty cool,i might buy one

Delt43855d ago

Come on people if your ps3 is gathering dust you got problems. Mine is only gathering new games!!!!! But it does look pretty sweet

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The story is too old to be commented.