New Gran Turismo 5 Announcement Trailer

With the release announcement, Sony EU have created a small announcement trailer for Gran Turismo 5.

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lalalala2928d ago

Was expecting some gameplay footage, but the stop motion is quite good.

mike90772928d ago

yea this trailer is ok but i like the weather effects one best

IronFist2928d ago

The very first one was amazing, with the damage shown for the first time. Simply because it pwned a lot of fanboys.

Longrod_Von_Hugendon2928d ago

I love their commercials they never fail with them. Sony is just so damn cool!

Jake3602928d ago

Ran out of budget finally. :P

visualb2928d ago

its an awesome commercial but i did laugh, looks kind of cute/cheap =) still awesome

like that it isn't your typical generic advert!

Beefstew4u2928d ago

The E3 trailer was the best.

STONEY42927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )

The Ferarri trailer is tied with the E3 2010 trailer as my favorite. It came at a time where there weren't really any GT5 videos at all floating around, and the trailer made me go O.O

I loooove the E3 2010 trailer too. Definitely another favorite.

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Moentjers2928d ago

someone had lot's of fun playing with the cars

RedDead2928d ago

Advertisement should show Gameplay, Luckily the Graphics are one of the WOW factors of plebians so the should show gameplay with Rain, snow, Nascar etc. Anyone remember the Dirt Ad? that was good but it wasn't ingame, GT can actually show it ingame and have the same effect.

TheLastGuardian2928d ago

I have a feeling I'm going to be sick the week of November 24th.

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Omega Zues2928d ago

GT5 is coming.

Now, what did patcher say again?

oh thats right. where is he now?

SkylineR2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

He said http://playstationlifestyle...

I seriously would like to know how he applies his "knowledge" of gaming things to his "predictions"?

visualb2928d ago


the jokes of the gaming world...

if you take either of these two "sources" into consideration, you are too...a joke

killalot1002928d ago

I like pachter his not a "GAMER" but he knows that and we all know that. As a person he seems like a really cool guy. The guy just predicts things because that's his job. Come on he wasn't that off, it ain't like he was saying it was going to get delayed again till next year. like everyone else was.

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The story is too old to be commented.