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DoomeDx2956d ago

Jesus thats a lot of courses.

thor2956d ago

I count 27 to be exact. Plus infinity user-generated tracks (though the track editor is not nearly as deep as something like MNR).

I think Forza 3 had 23 or 24 something like that.

So GT5 providing the most content of any racing game. I think weather and day/night effects are limited to only specific tracks though.

deafwing2955d ago

that "N" number of tracks makes it even more crazy.

ryuzu2956d ago

At least one tracj is missing from the list (Sienna) - are there more?

Is there dome day 1 DLC?

Who knows, but there are a lot more tracks out there in GT-land which could (or maybe even should) make an appearance in GT5.

Or perhaps GT6 isn't too far off now the underlying engine is built. Polish the tracks, do some more premium cars and release.


Richard Cypher2956d ago (Edited 2956d ago )

Can't see sienna

STONEY42955d ago


Official site list. There *might* be new track announcements (I'm still pretty amazed at the lack of some such as Seattle and Midfield), but as of now, this is it.

SMW2956d ago

Someone needs to inform my Yamauchi about a little track named BATHURST.


St02956d ago

Bit disappointed there's no El Capitan this time

juniordee2956d ago

It was in one of the GT5 trailers, so maybe they messed up the list. They already fixed a few errors that was in the car list (ex. they changed standard '94 F40 to premium '92 F40).

St02956d ago

You're right, it's shown in this video @ 57 seconds, it's brief but it sure looks like it. Fingers crossed

Antan2956d ago

Theses quite a number of cars listed as standard that are premium, as witnessed in some of the leaked footage.

1112223332956d ago

"aaaannnndd across the line!"

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The story is too old to be commented.