CoD: Black Ops PS3 fixes inbound

Treyarch rolling out a series of updates to combat problems

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theonlylolking2955d ago

YAY! I just wish sony would do something about black ops like they did with bayonetta. Just send in some peeps from naughty dog, sony santa monica, guerilla games, etc.. Then they just make the game epic.

zeddy2955d ago

fix the god dam spawns! people spawning right behind me in huuge maps!

number472955d ago

Its the same problem. The spawning setup is stupid.
Parties have trouble connecting all people to the game. You get an error about the party list being out-dated & sign out and into live. This kept happening... Lag & disconnects...

Splitscreen is a laggy mess as well.

The sound is dreadful compared to MW2/Bad Company. The game is virtually soul-less when it comes to sound.

Its clear that these guys are the #2 squad when it comes to this franchise. MW2 was more polished/intuitive. Things like hitting start and getting right back into the options screen where you left off before hitting start may be little things. But they show you they are playing their game avidly at least.

dead_eye2955d ago

agreed spawns are broke. It's the biggest problem I have with the game. I joined a game in nuketown and spawned right next to the whole enemy team.

BloodyNapkin2955d ago

Fix the awful FPS, using a frame counter i am dropping to like 18 fps and sometimes on some boards it hangs around the low 20's. It is making the game completely unplayable and unbearable.

OverdosedWitDopeness2955d ago

I completely agree wit u on that,to have 1st party developers work on this game to fix and possibly greatly improve it and other multiplats like implementing MLAA and optimizing the spu's performance etc.

princejb1342955d ago

good job treyarch fix them glitches quickly please
now give me 20 dollars for everytime i died with the commando glitch

tacosRcool2955d ago

The PC gamers have problems and they need patches too!

xAlmostPro2955d ago

wow not one mention of upgraded servers which are cleary the cause of the pretty much non stop lag when the player count starts to go over 600k online -_-

its not bad hosts, doesn't take a scientist to realise its the servers..

not only that the hit detection needs improved because theres multiple triple+ kills that have been recorded where the 3 people are not even in a line, and also when you run round a corner spray a guy and his buddy to possibly only get the one kill when you should get atleast 2 with about 8+ bullets to be killed in only 3

kparks2955d ago

i agree i own a ps3 and online has SEVERE LAG and in combat training tons of frame problems!! But atleast treyarch is always on point when it comes to fixing patches!!!! i cant say the same about infinity ward after MW2 that game is a joke nice job releasing a game and not patching it almost every match i get in u can jump 100FT in the air!!!!!

Vortex3D2954d ago

It's obvious gamers hate buggy games. But why wouldn't gamers wait until the publishers have patched the game several times before getting it? Many of the obvious bugs are probably known in-house testing but nowadays, game publishers choose to ship the game with a lot of bugs because they know gamers will buy them anyway and they can patch the games later.

If you think it's okay to buy buggy games on day 1, then you are telling the game publishers that you are happy to pay for a broken game and be the beta tester. Game publishers know this and will continue to ship buggy games. It is the game publishers responsibility to polish the game well before the shipping it than gamers having to pay to do their work.

If you don't agree, then keep enjoy paying for buggy games and complain.

I'm going to wait until Black Ops has been patched a few times before getting it. Not going to pay for a broken game until it's properly polished.

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GeoramA2955d ago incompetent.

lucifon2955d ago

What an incompetent developer fixing issues 3 days after launch. /endsarcasm

raztad2955d ago

Incompetent and irresponsible.

Shipping a beta version of PS3/PC SKUs + PS3 version being an awful port.

SKUD2955d ago

Considering the company they work for I say there right at home.

scar202955d ago

I hate lag so much i empty a whole clip into sumone and they don't die then they turn around 2-3 shots and i die get your shit straight treyarch.

tacosRcool2955d ago

And yet they hyped this up saying how great it is

Gamehead362955d ago

this shit happens to me all the time

willie322955d ago

I experience the lag like everyone else does. However, you can't blame Treyarch for the lag. I have to blame Activision for not creating dedicated servers. Why are we still using P2P connection on both PS3 and Xbox!?

Pacman3212955d ago

Honestly i thought it was just my connection but it seems to be happening to everyone. I literally shoot someone with 50 bullets for him to just shoot me twice and i die, fucking ridiculous.

MasterGuru2955d ago (Edited 2955d ago )

@Scar @Pacman @Gamehead

You too?? The PS3 version suffers from severe unbearable lag that makes it completely unplayable. Whenever I check my connection line, it'll ALWAYS be red unlike in Modern Warfare 2 where it's always green. I have so much to complain about the game but I rather not waste my time. Nuketown is a complete joke by the way and the snipers in the game don't fire to exactly where I aimed it which is at the middle. Never happened to me before in Modern Warfare 2 so one thing here is absolutely clear.

Infinity Ward >>>>>>> Treyarch

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MGRogue20172955d ago (Edited 2955d ago )

... How about for the 360/PC players out there?

We are being left out in the cold? :(

Undeadwolfy2955d ago

The PS3 version apparently seems to be a total mess. To be honest the only problem iv had with it is spawning and host migration fails. Not one has worked so far, but iv only put in about 2 hours and the need for host migration has only appeared twice.

Enate2955d ago (Edited 2955d ago )

Considering two of my friends did very well last night on their 360 versions 19-0 and this person isn't even that good. An the other person 33 and 1 I'd say the 360 versions problems can wait just a bit. The PS3 version is almost unplayable at times in multiplayer. Last night it behaved ok as I was able to actually connect some shots and go 18 and 2 rather easily.

-Broken Spawns
-Transmission Error
-Checkered pattern appearing
-Jumpy frames
-lag/hit detection and bullets not registering when you shoot first.
-Knife bumping off of people rather then stabbing them.
-Not able to leave with party
-Always having to back out for new playlist

El_Colombiano2955d ago

I don't understand what happened. I just don't understand. World at War was simply *amazing*. Performance was top notch on PC and the story was mind blowing. With Black Ops I can't even comment on the story because I'm getting 15 frames per second where I am getting 60fps+ in World at War on the same rig. I had so much faith in Treyarch.

Mmmkay2955d ago

what happened is that you had faith in Treyarch..!