First Crisis Core: FFVII TV commercial

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII is scheduled for release on September 13, so Square Enix has decided to air the first 15 seconds TV commercial.

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CRIMS0N_W0LF3975d ago

Must get money for PSP........

cloud3603975d ago

hahahahahahhahahaa...sorry.... .........hahahahah.ok ok


I already got my PSP.

Anyhow if sony had somet that lets u play PSP games on TV using ps3 it will maximize there chance of wining VG war. By increasing chance of PSP owners to buy a PS3

Zhuk3975d ago

i'm looking forward to this game, give me a reason to dust off the PSP

Marceles3975d ago

september japan :(

Marceles3975d ago

would be nice if i knew "one" word of japanese

sumfood4u3975d ago

October gonna be a great months for the PSP. i need to get the new pssp ASAP!