Black Ops vs. Modern Warfare 2: Stunning Screenshot Comparison

Black Ops is easily the biggest entertainment launch so far, surpassing even Modern Warfare 2 in day one sales. But how does the new Call of Duty look when compared to the predecessor Modern Warfar 2? Check it out in this gallery, showing similar scenes from both games. Which visual style do you prefer?

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Red_Orange_Juice2902d ago

putting stunning in the titles of comparison articles is old

Shaman2902d ago

MW2 on avg looks somewhat better but Black Ops has more levels that wowed me...Vorkuta,WMD,Laos,ending under water etc look better than anything in MW2.

Jayjayff2902d ago

wait what? that was mw2 they released dlc with the a couple of the old maps

Mikeyy2902d ago

If you bother to look at the link in the OP you would see Imran Zakhaev. That perticular scene is from the COD 4 Campaign..

theonlylolking2900d ago

I was showing a more accurate showdown.

MGRogue20172902d ago (Edited 2902d ago )

... I knew it was going to be a foreign site even before clicking into the source lol

They always seem to use the words "Stunning" & "Amazing" in their titles.. -_-

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The story is too old to be commented.