As Ugly as Sin: The ugliest polygon babes of all time

Are these the ugliest polygon babes of all time? Cynamite has put up a list of truly unattractive video game ladys - Do you agree?

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SkyCrawler2689d ago

Jun was dead sexy. How dare you sir?! :D

GodsHand2689d ago

Plus her unlimited kick combo, that's drop dead sexy right there.

SkyCrawler2689d ago

Have earned my respect XD

cyborg69712687d ago

I would counter that with wang and whoop it up.

NarooN2687d ago

Plus she's better-looking than Asuka anyway.

room4142688d ago

the cafeteria cook from Bully comes to mind

xino2687d ago

Hip Hop G's show will be up tomorrow:P

Bass_fisherman2687d ago (Edited 2687d ago )

Well they were pretty atractive back in the day...

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