Video Review: PSP Slim gets Editor's Choice from CNET TV

CNET TV reviews the new PSP 2000 (PSP Slim) in this video.

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MK_Red4120d ago

I have an old PSP but that video out-put is seriously forcing me to buy a new one. The guy suggests that it is not a must have for current PSP owners but I find that faster load time and video out put very hard to resist.

TeaDouble_E4120d ago (Edited 4120d ago )

Not only that the screen brighter, it's not a big difference though but you can still tell the two apart. Lets hope Resident Evil come out soon if Capcom wants to make it : )

MK_Red4120d ago

Good point. I had forgotten about brighter screen. It certainly helps specially when playing in park and open places with sunlight.

AllroundGamer4120d ago

i am running my old PSP on my LCD thx to some homebrew software, and playing the games with my sisaxis controller too :) so i don't need the new PSP slim :p

heroman7114120d ago

i dont care for hand helds anymore

MK_Red4120d ago

Then you'd miss a lot of great games. Daxter, MGS:PO, Crush, LocoRoco, Lumines 2 and many more.

djt234120d ago

the only reason i am get it becuase they have a white one

sumfood4u4120d ago (Edited 4120d ago )

It kind of reminds me of the GameCube GBA tv Feature which WOW'ed me! I plan on buying this an mailing my bestfriend my old one since he can't buy one. I do like the silver an white color. I'm go for silver tho. PSP keep on Trucking!

Cloud Strife4119d ago

I bought a PSP when it launched on 3/24/05 and it is still going strong so no need for me to buy new one.The new tv input and brighter screen is nice tho.