Black Ops PC patch available on Steam

From Aiming at Gaming: "A patch has been released for the PC version of Call of Duty: Black Ops, which will be automatically downloaded when you login to Steam. The patch attempts to fix some (not all) of the problems that are being reported en masse throughout the internet since the game’s release."

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Killer62929d ago

This is like 2 days old.

Blacktric2929d ago

What does that have to do with anything? So you got a broken half assed game thanks to Treyarch and then they released a patch because of the major lag issues, and you're saying its the benefit of being a PC gamer? Good luck with that.

DiLeCtioN2929d ago

Am not a PC gamer mind you, all am saying is patches are delivered faster for the PC community, whereas console...we just get shit on.

mephixto2929d ago

well... we don't have to wait 3 or more weeks for a "certified" patch.

r1sh122929d ago

@dilection the reason why the patch has come out so quickly is because the fix was probably simple.
Another reason is because the game was not working correctly which is why.
The xbox version for the most part works, unlike PC until the patch, the only real issue is it sometimes take a little while to get into games.
Just so you know the Xbox and ps3 versions can be updated with out delivering downloadable updates, check the treyarch forums. They managed to patch the care package glitch without an actual downloadable patch...
So you got all your facts mixed up.