2010′s 5 Best Games You Don’t Own

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Dailynch2953d ago

Not sure about MMA. I thought it got mixed reviews across the board and was generally considered a weaker game compared to UFC?

Biglet2953d ago (Edited 2953d ago )

You obviously know nothing about games or fighting then. We need to get you banned from N4G you scumbag.

gamerdude1322953d ago

That's pretty immature of you, isn't it? I don't know shit about fighting games, so does that mean I need to be banned from the site? No. I bubbled you down,

TenSteps2953d ago

A bit too much rage against a person listening to the news that I don't really think he is serious.

People read news and make assumptions and since the basic reasons of Dailynch's comment was through what he has read about than Biglet's comment was immature.

Attacking another member just because his opinion of the game is different in the sense that he is more worried about purchasing a game he may not like so he'll listen to what the majority have said.

Unlike me when hear people say Folklore was crap, I enjoyed it a lot and I understand that some people who talk it down talk about "x" review and I can understand the situation. Why spend money on a game people have talked down on why risk it? But I never call these people scumbags and definitely never get mad at them.

Biglet2953d ago


I don't agree with your opinion either... but then I am an idiot.

Anyway it's cool because Dailynch is my son, he just doesn't know it. And besides, I'm going to stop trolling now because I'm turning into everything I hate about the Internet.

TenSteps2953d ago

I see so you are trolling

TenSteps2953d ago (Edited 2953d ago )

Well I guess it's safe to say that admitting to trolling kinda ruins the whole point of trolling when I think about it.

Biglet2953d ago

I think, technically I am. Though it's being tempered by the fact that I'm agreeing with you and not really being very annoying. My heart's just not in it, is all.

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jimmins2953d ago

I agree, MMA is shat compared to UFC, but each to their own.

Corrwin2953d ago

What's that on your background image?

Oh I see it's an advert for Divinity II: The Dragon Knight Saga.

joydestroy2953d ago

i've had my eye on this game recently. can't seem to find any proper reviews, though. or even actual gameplay vids for that matter

Akagi2953d ago

Ha! Bubs. Divine Divinity was the best, went downhill from there.

BillOreilly2952d ago (Edited 2952d ago )

There was one review that gave it a 90. I have divinity 2 and would give it a 90 with a warning that it has bugs and flaws but the game is somehow greater than the sum of its parts. It has attention to detail and you can tell the world is so lovingly crafted and the dev acually care. It is a gem and i HIGHLY recommend the dragon knight saga as you get divinity 2(updated engine/bug fixes) and the expansion. Best rpg of the year(maybe not surpassing mass effect 2 but really a different genre). GAMEPLAY

soundslike2953d ago

enough with the enslaved guys...
its not underrated its just overpriced. no one wants to pay 60 bucks for 6 hours of "press a to be badass" gameplay.

Quagmire2952d ago (Edited 2952d ago )

Hey, It worked for GOW3 didnt it?

(Fire Up them Disagrees, I dares ya!)

OminaeYu2953d ago

Vanquish and Enslaved are pretty good games... but unfortunately they'll just be drowned out by Black Ops and Reach too bad -__-


gamerdude1322953d ago

Vanquish was a great game, Enslaved was not. I don't care about MMA or strategy games, though I am very much interested in the Divinity II thing. I like RPG's...

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