Gran Turismo 5: Impressive Damage Model and Rain Footage From Retail Version (Monza)

Two new videos show new damage model and rain footage from the retail version of Gran Turismo 5. Watch the first video below, the second one is available after the jump.

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RedDead2954d ago (Edited 2954d ago )


nix2953d ago (Edited 2953d ago )

it will be.. ultimately.. but let's watch it before it gets deleted!!!

@RedDead (below): thanks for the Damage info...

as for the 'damage' i don't think the game supports damage in Time Trial mode.

nix2953d ago

oh well.. it does support damage even in Time Trial.. that was little lame.

JhawkFootball062953d ago (Edited 2953d ago )

In the first video the driver clearly rammed into the back of the other car. But no damage was shown on either car? seriously. Not even a scratch. This is definitely a deal breaker for me. It would of been perfect with damage..

EDIT: Just watched the second video, car rammed right into the wall head on going 150+ mph. Not a scratch.

ShinMaster2953d ago (Edited 2953d ago )

(depending on physics setting)?

Deal breaker? You're not even a GT fan/player are you...

Are these videos from the retail version? Because the article says that the videos "likely" originate from the retail version

Strikepackage Bravo2953d ago

well, the dash looks great, can't say the same for the rest of the video, heck this looks like GT3!!!!!

naruto girl2953d ago

Looks like they just stretched the textures or something... I have to say I am extremely unimpressed. Hopefully its just the bad picture quality video making it look so bad.

Can't they just copy the way burnout does it? =P

Crotin2953d ago

ugh...behind-the-car view and the same move where you just keep going straight while another car turns into you so you'll turn without losing alot of speed.

Two things that annoy the shit out of me...

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RedDead2954d ago (Edited 2953d ago )

165 into a wall without a scratch being made is not impressive

Edit--Lol at the disagree's. The game is wonderful, the damage model is not. It's just completely unrealistic.

MaximusPrime2953d ago

purpose of real racing simulator is to win. dont treat GT as a destruction derby as it not meant to be.

Im not interested in damages. im interested in serious racing

NewsForMe2953d ago

Damage is part of serious racing.

Leathersoup2953d ago

Serious simulation means that there are consequences to ramming into other cars. If not then all you end up with is an arcade game that doesn't penalize you for poor driving.

raztad2953d ago

"serious simulation"? dunno about it. GT5 is still a game, and the ultimate goal of a game is to be fun. There is a point where too much realism destroys the fun.

Besides why to focus only in what the game doesnt display in this footage? there is a lot going on for it beyond cosmetic damage.

thief2953d ago

Absolutely. In any serious racing sport, such as F1, you see at least half a dozen serious crashes in every race with players banging into walls, cars getting smashed up and broken. Thats why F1 teams need about 40 drivers for each season, the attrition rates are so high.

FishCake9T42953d ago

Real life F1 has damage. Is that not serious racing?

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RedDead2953d ago (Edited 2953d ago )

So? The damage model is not impressive. I didn't say anything else about the game, the article ses the damage is impressive, I disagree. This article is about damage and rain. I'm commenting on the damage.

Edit---Oh I agree with you aswell, damage doesn't really matter, but that doesn't change the fact that it's not at all impressive/

visualb2953d ago

they can't allow you to total your car, that'd ruin the experience...

but they also can't leave the car in perfect condition

they just made a middle ground I guess

thor2953d ago

I don't actually see how giving you the ability to total your car would ruin the experience. It would only ruin the experience if you sucked. For everyone else it would add to the risk and fun. It would make drivers more cautious. Risk-taking would be more exhilarating. To be honest if you slam into a wall at 165kph you DESERVE to lose the race.

acedoh2953d ago

know why so many care about damage. I have owned every GT game and wondered what realistic damage would be like. You want to know realistic? That would be hitting a wall and your car becoming unable to drive. That's realistic. Although I don't think that would make for much of a game. Do you???

Nariko-20112953d ago

If you total your car then game over, restart or something. Why is it that gt5 shouldn't be judged by the same standards that other games are? Oh no, its a gran turismo, damage isn't important! Then why say is a driving simulator is you don't get penalised for bad driving?

2953d ago
moparful992953d ago

It's a RACING simulator.. I dont know if you can wrap your head around the meaning of that word but damage is such a complex and nearly impossible aspect to replicate.. Way to many factors to consider speed, acceleration, object being hit etc so polyphony settled on a middle ground.. They have a damage system that shows cosmetic changes and they have a mechanical impact that changes the way your car behaves. So yes the consequence is there but its not a crash simulator so its not entirely realistic... People complaining about the damage modeling need to just get over it unless you think you can do better...

ct032953d ago

I'm sorry, but if you can't total your car then you're not dealing with a simulation. It's as simple as that.
Not that I ever considered GT5 a serious simulation as it seems fairly arcady.

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acedoh2953d ago

is to become a good enough racer you don't crash. It's almost impossible at first because you are learning. As you progress through the game you should become a good enough driver you don't crash.

jamb0n2953d ago

I think damage in a racing simulator game is essential. If you know there is a consequence to an overtake (mechanical damage or your car getting wrecked) then you might not take the risk. I'm sure you can turn off damage if you're a beginner, but better racers will be able to push the car to the limit and face consequences if it does get damaged.

wanaraceu2953d ago

Also the punishment is losing lap times or not finishing first. If they made it's not a crash sim!
Also it would not be much fun if u just rubed beside a car at 20kmh and had to get the gard pulled out so it didn't rub on the tyre Wichi would normaly cause a flat tyre

If there was realistic damage people would complain they would be spending to much time in the pits

djreplay2953d ago (Edited 2953d ago )

Its kilometre's per hour silly.

ZBlacktt2953d ago

Take two seconds and click on the video that takes you to Youtube. There you will see this video has zero to do with damage. The person who made this listing here "added" that word in the title here for some reason. The video is about rain only.

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Leathersoup2953d ago

Well it's quite easy to get that information. If you right-click on the video and select 'Watch on YouTube' it will take you to the page. I did it for you, here's the link:

Shazz2953d ago

im all jizzed out give us the date please lol

Peppino72953d ago

At least the rain is impressive!