Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood review - 92 in PSM3

"Vast, rich and beautiful" says the mag

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spunnups2953d ago

AC2 is one of the most overrated games this gen, GOTY, I doubt it.

hikayu2953d ago

hell no . kid and words , they use it without ever knowing what they mean .
overhyped , overrated , milked ...etc . GAWD !

AC2 is NOT overrated . it's far from overrated .it was an excellence game and it nailed almost every category on critics' scales . Cod , i might agree with ya . AC 2 , no . AC 1 was overhyped but not overrated either .

Mystickay862953d ago

Er ya played it yet? This game already has enough potential, AC2 was great. A big huge improvement over AC1.

If Multiplayer is great, since single player was already great in Ac2, GotY potential.

Keith Olbermann2953d ago

GT5 will take that honor...I am excited to play AC Brotherhood though.

jarrod19812953d ago

goty doesnt mean anything as their are so many of them. gt5 will be goty. reach will be goty. me2 will be goty. gow3 will be goty. rdr will be goty and so on. they all are or will be great games.

Hairy Chewie2953d ago

I have no doubt it's going to be a great game... but game of the year? Hell to the no.

MGRogue20172953d ago (Edited 2953d ago )

I'm still on the fence.. But I'll most likely end up buying it on release day.. just like I did with AC2.

coojo2953d ago

not goty but game of the decade for sure AC is the best series this gen :)

wedgie2953d ago

Not game of the year. I am pretty sure that is going to end up in the Mass Effect 2 camp, with some nice competition from RDR, God of War 3, and I guess now Gran Turismo.

But a fun and enjoyable game nonetheless, and one that I will be picking up for sure.