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BeefJack: "Black Ops’ single-player campaign may be a little short on content and structure, but with multiplayer this good you’d be a fool to complain. It’s absolutely stunning to see so many new ideas brought to such an established genre, and all the tweaks shape this into what will surely be – once again – a huge hit for the Call of Duty series."

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360nPS3rTheSAME2953d ago

has balance and I give treyarch credit. Even when I have a bad game I don't get pissed because it was because of my own error, not bullshit game mechanics like in mw2

The_KELRaTH2953d ago

I wouldn't say the 14 maps are small.. well not compared to MoH!

The Combat Training is better known as SKIRMISH mode - you can play against AI in both teams with the added bonus of inviting friends in - a feature sorely missing in games like Uncharted 2 where it's so hard to jump into a multiplayer online game thus rendering the game and extra paid DLC useless.

plb2953d ago

My main problem with this game is the lag and frame drops for the PS3 version. The game itself is fun.

The_KELRaTH2953d ago

Yeah, had a few really laggy games too, lets hope there's another patch that adds options to better match players.

Octo12953d ago

Finished the game on Veteran. I personally think that the single player campaigns story is way better than MW2. Multiplayer wise I do like that the maps (most)are a decent size.My biggest surprise is the RC car that came with prestige.Took it for a spin outside and I am impressed with the range between the remote and car.The video on the remote control was good quality and the picture quality did not degrade the father the car went.

2953d ago