Neocrisis - Epic Fail: Team Meat Just Insulted Gamer's Intelligence

Let’s get something straight right out of the box. I have no direct interest in the (indie?) game Super Meat Boy outside of the news we got yesterday and what I became disgusted about. That being said, and also being said that what I will say will make me sound like a fanboy, the developers behind the oddly named game, Team Meat, had no right to act like complete douchebags about whatever you could call their decision not to develop or push for the approval of a PS3 version of their game.

Seriously, the way they acted, you’d think someone was trying to get them to kill someone. Not to mention their reason fails more than the 2010 Dallas Cowboys.

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The Wood2952d ago (Edited 2952d ago )

all of this is just speculation but I wouldn't be surprised if MS put a clause in to say that there cant/ wont be a ps3 version based on their methods and actions this gen. It makes perfect sense from their point of view and Nintendo aren't really direct competitors IF you know what i mean. Either way its just speculation. Devs should try their best to avoid such situations by being tactful. I can understand that team meat want to maximise immediate sales so giving people a sniff of the chance that there may be a psn version may slow these said sales. I fall into that category. I was waiting for a psn version (game sharing) but now it seems ill have to grab the xbl version....unless;)

JD_Shadow2952d ago

There is an issue with that, though. It's what I said in regards to the GTA4 stuff. The PC version came out without TLATD or TBOGT, nor was it ever announced until a year after the 360 got theirs.

That and Microsoft is clearly trying to take away Nintendo's share of the casual market with Kinect, so it's clear that they consider Nintendo a threat (at least they do now).

Oh, and one of the devs is wanting an interview with Neo. Hopefully we'll get to the bottom of this.

Lucreto2952d ago

MS have a rule that if they want to publish on XBLA it needs to be exclusive for up to a year. If the content is multiplatform you need to have a third party publisher which will cause you to lose a lot on money.

PSN has no such rule.

The Wood2952d ago

when i said a competitor i meant from the sony Ms battle. Yep, they are definitely trying to eat some casual pie with kinect but if there was a dlc pack deal for black ops on all three consoles i think ms would shut sony out NOT nintendo if you know what i mean.

Im looking forward to see what the next interview reveals... im interested to find out but im sure it wont be as straight forward as just asking and getting answered honestly.

kesvalk2952d ago

man, this guy is so stupid it shocked me...

stop already with these "everything needs to be on the PS3!"

some games will not be launched to the PS3, it's a fact, if you want to play them, you will need another console...

y'know, that "it only does everything" is just PR bullshit, not actual facts...

JD_Shadow2951d ago

And I'm actually wondering when in any of that article did I SAY that! I'm also wondering when in any of the article did I not make it clear what the issue was, which wasn't just "oh, it wasn't hitting the PS3".

If that's all you believe this article is, then you have one hell of a selective memory of what you read.