Sony Re-Starts GT5 Marketing on Speed TV Channel


Sony may finally be ready to re-start marketing efforts for GT5. As spotted by long-time GTPlanet user DaveTheStalker, Gran Turismo 5 will be sponsoring Speed TV’s prime-time lineup of shows next Thursday. Although it is not entirely clear what this means, we’ll almost certainly see our first television commercial for the game here in the United States (let’s hope it can measure up to “We Love Cars”).

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SMW2834d ago

Gran Turismo 5 is making Sony look like a joke.

Next_Up2834d ago

LOL keep hating mate. GT5 is going to drown the haters in a sea of salty tears. GT5 for the fucking win trolls.

SMW2834d ago (Edited 2834d ago )

God you people are narrow minded.

I dont hate GT.

I hate PD and Sony for being bloody disorganised.

Im currently playing GT:HD Concept (Traded GT:P just before GT5 was delayed = facepalm) on my 50' Samsung 3D TV in "fake" 3D. And judging by the results of "fake" 3D, REAL 3D is going to melt your bloody face off.

Fact is Sony choked. Very unprofessional IMO.

EDIT @ Below

Sony dont currently have the best driving simulator in the world. GT:P whilst a better core game, doesnt have the features or online or content to be labelled as "Better" than Forza 3. And I bloody HATE Forza 3.

DORMIN2834d ago (Edited 2834d ago )

That comment made you look like the joke. lol.

Lawliet2834d ago (Edited 2834d ago )

Oh man, you making a fool out of yourself. U expect anyone would take you seriously?

You do know what prologue stands for, or you simply just don't?

What is it with the "disorganised"? Doesn't make any sense. Fake 3D? Whatever you say, what it gotta do with Sony?

nix2834d ago

SMW... awwww.. now you look even cuter!

vsr2834d ago

He/She can't deny that GT is the real driving simulator

N4WAH2834d ago (Edited 2834d ago )

I love stealth. /s

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Shazz2834d ago (Edited 2834d ago )

yeah must be hard for sony having the greatest driving sim franchise of all time , damn you sony what a joke you guys are why cant you make shit games lol.

@ smw m8 seriosly JOG ON you are clearly a 360 troll trying your best to act like you like gran turismo yet you say you hate the people who make the game and the company who own the franchise ??? do you want my shovel too dig a deeper hole ?

mrv3212834d ago

With every GT5 video Sony just makes Microsoft and Turn10's E3 look like a joke, most definitive... HA!

Sitris2834d ago

You hate Sony and PD even though without. Them you wouldn't have GT, you hate them. Your an idiot, and a stupid troll.

sinncross2834d ago

Sorry dude, but I think you need to chill... or just sell your 'ps3'

Death24942834d ago (Edited 2834d ago )

from a business stand point. Microsoft has been doing a advertising blow out. It's best to let Kinect and Black Ops duke it out. People who only have 60 dollars would have had to choose between Black Ops or Gran turismo5. Now that most people have already bought Black Ops, the new pay period is coming up and they can buy GT5.

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RedDragan2834d ago

Europe will not get much marketting, we never do.

We got some adverts for Little Big Planet and Move, but all the other big title's like Uncharted (1 and 2), God of War 3, Killzone 2, Motorstorm etc were hardly marketted at all.

If a game is truly epic, then Sony seem to not bother giving it a big push.

SCEA try much harder than SCEE.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2834d ago

EU got more marketing for KZ2 than US did.

RedDragan2834d ago

Never saw it.

There were Champions League games, but never saw the adverts there.

There were movies on TV, but never saw the adverts there.

There were many big things on TV... but not surprisingly, never saw the adverts.

The only thing I saw about Killzone 2, was a hardly viewed article on the BBC news website about a poster being pulled down because it scared kids in Canada.

XXXCouture2834d ago (Edited 2834d ago )

sometimes were flooded with ps ads in scandinavia, in cinemas, tv and posters

RedDragan2834d ago

Unfortunately, the population of the UK is probably bigger than Scandanavia. This is the place they could make huge sales but they do not advertise here.

Except ofcourse... LBP and Move.

XXXCouture2834d ago

yeah there are loads of britains compared to the dark north, the ad prices are probably minimal compared to UK

Moentjers2834d ago

I guess it depends on the tv-channels you watch.

Newtype2834d ago


Raendom2834d ago


That'd be a bearable wait, gives me time to get bored of CoD (already am tbh) and just in time for christmas holidays so can no-life more than ever. :D

Si-Fly2834d ago

I got bored of COD after a day lol. Was playing prologue online last night in an attempt to brush up my skills...

Yangus2834d ago

Bravo PD!5 years waiting this game,800 cars no cockpit view,no custom rims,GT4HD qualitiy this cars.

200 premium cars cool,and 25!!!tracks???Many variations.......but only 25 track. PD.

No buy this half game.

nikoado2834d ago

I've never seen you post a positive comment about GT5 yet you are in the majority of articles about it...

Narutone662834d ago

obvious, cough * Turn 10 employee trolling GT5 thread * cough.

visualb2834d ago

f**ck PD for putting more content into this game than any other game out there
f**ck PD for trying to make the best experience possible for everyone
f**ck PD for putting in 800 cars that aren't as good as the 200 premium but still look great and are there for EVERYONE to enjoy
f**ck PD for really trying to make a great experience for everyone

you're a sad troll...

Shadow Flare2834d ago

I'd sure love for one of these trolls to find a picture of a standard car in GT5. Because I find it hard to tell the difference from the premium ones. All the cars in GT5 crap all over forza's


Is the biggest Title to be released this year, more bigger than COD Black Ops.

That is why people are trolling to the best Driving Simulator of the generation.

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