Nvidia shows Tessellation On/Off comparison video with Directx 11

GR - Nvidia has released a new video showing an impressive comparison of Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X. 2 with and without tesselation in DX11. You'll notice the incredibly detailed terrain and environments when tessellation is turned on.

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MNicholas2955d ago

ought to loose their job.

While tessellation can definitely improve graphics in some PC games, that is the laziest and most underwhelming presentation one could possibly make.

Terrible video.

BTW, tessellation is nothing new.

Consoles have had tessellation in actual games for at least the last 7-8 years.

solar2955d ago

@ above.


yes, some games have used a very little tessellation. but no where near what we are seeing today when it has been optimized to show a lot of potential. and what game 7 years ago on console used tessellation?

STONEY42955d ago (Edited 2955d ago )

"Consoles have had tessellation in actual games for at least the last 7-8 years."

I know the 360 can do a VERY VERY VERY basic form of tesellation, but it's not used because it would take too big of a performance hit without DX11, and having such an old GPU.

In the new Dues Ex, a random guard will normally have 7,000 polygons. With teselellation... 60,000 Consoles don't do anywhere near things like that with their "tesellation" which shouldn't even be called that because i. That's only one example too.

MarkNicholas2955d ago

"At the heart of our LOD system was our proprietary mesh tessellation/reduction scheme, which we originally developed for Crash Team Racing and radically enhanced for Jak & Daxter."

Crash Team Racing: 1999

Jak & Daxter: 2001

There are others as well.

Letros2955d ago

lol, LOD is software based "tessellation", and very basic at that, generally a binary system, and it's been around long before consoles started using it.

This is hardware based tessellation, quite complex in comparison, and its completely unnoticeable to the eye when used properly, producing a dumbfounding amount of polygons at the right situations.

MarkNicholas2955d ago (Edited 2955d ago )

You seem to be confused about terminology.

Tessellation is a kind of LOD technique that increases the scene geometry beyond what has been stored as a mesh in memory.

Most games do not use tessellation.

Console games have been using tessellation since at least 1999.

In fact, console developers have been trying, not just tessellation, but also detessellation.

Tessellation is not a new concept and this video is a poor way to present the benefits of Nvidia's tessellator.

Letros2955d ago (Edited 2955d ago )

Dude I know what geometry LOD is, and it's nothing special, it's been in games forever. Like I said, LOD is on or off, and you can tell when it happens.

No one said it was a new concept, its trivial, we've just never had actual hardware doing the process until recently to get extreme examples like this.

OpenGL2955d ago

lol, comparing LOD in PS1 games to GPU accelerated tessellation on DirectX 11 hardware.

ProjectVulcan2955d ago (Edited 2955d ago )

Sorry MarkNicholas but you seem to be confusing what is coined as 'LOD' with tesselation here. For many years level of detail is a method where geometry is REDUCED as an object gets further and further away. It has been used as a method for many years in games, as a way to save processing power.

Tesselation is the opposite of sorts to level of detail, where geometry is actually added the closer you get to an object, sort of a reverse LOD. Although this has been possible in software, its been far too costly to bother trying it on the scale seen now, nevermind on console.

Games consoles have not had this hardware ability before 360 came along with its very basic surface tesselator- its absolutely no match to the tesselation ability seen here, a very early feature added to ATI GPUs since the HD2900 series and then included with DX11 spec. No game on 360 had used it either until recently, as its not a magic switch developers can just flip on. Certainly use of it on 360 creates other obstacles to work around, its not as flexible as DX11.

Now pixel shading and texture fillrate are reaching very high levels, the next focus for games has to be improving the ability of a GPU to render a lot of geometry. Its really the next step to that ultimate goal of photorealistic visuals.

Pandamobile2955d ago

Lol, MarkNicholas really has no idea what the hell he's talking about.

MarkNicholas2955d ago

1) They specifically state that they use tessellation to add detail. This was particularly useful on the PS2 due to the small RAM and was made possible by the vector units.

This technique never was a common technique although a few PC games used it as well, such as Sacrifice.

2) Tessellation is certainly a kind of LOD because it changes the level of detail depending on your distance from it.

3) Hardware tessellation isn't new either. It's been around for ages. Even the 360 has hardware tessellation.

ProjectVulcan2954d ago (Edited 2954d ago )

1) They dont. They state that their LOD system does what LOD has been doing for years, swapping varying meshes out the further away scenery/characters/whatever gets. This is the aforementioned ''proprietary mesh tessellation/REDUCTION scheme''

2) In the instance of hardware tesselation you are trying to compare this to, its all about generating and adding geometry with a programmable tesselator- NOT swapping meshes and reducing it incrementally as with LOD. This type of tesselation is as i said, a sort of reverse LOD.

3) 360 has fixed function tesselation hardware, with limited programmability. It hasnt been used in 360 games since roughly last year, 99.9 percent of 360 games do not employ it.

FIXED FUNCTION tesselators have been in PC graphics units since 2001. Read up. as i said, 360 and HD2900/SM4.0 cards advance that concept slightly. THIS GTX580/DirectX 11 feature 'TRUE' programmable hardware tesselation- as dedicated 'tesselation shader(hull shader).'

Nothing like this has ever been available on console. Not 360, or before. :-)

Also, logging into all your akas to disagree with other users on here isnt big or clever, just desperate.

Nihilism2954d ago


Correction...consoles had SOFTWARE TESSELLATION. That is a very very different beast. Without hardware acceleration, tessellation is not even feasible.

You really are the most delusional loyalist on this site.

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Shackdaddy8362955d ago (Edited 2955d ago )

Its o.k.

I think 3dmark 11 is a much better example of tessellation and dx11 abilities

FragMnTagM2955d ago

and would like to offer another that shows off tessellation fairly well.

StandardPost2954d ago (Edited 2954d ago )

LOL @ the usual clueless Nvidia fanboys.

gameseveryday2956d ago

Damn amazing!I am beyond words!

TOO PAWNED2955d ago

Really? Aren't you over exaggerating? Not that big of a difference.

toaster2955d ago

HAWX 2 isn't even one of the best looking games, bump up Tessellation in Metro and you'll definitely see a difference. Also check out 3DMark 11 videos, Tessellation is truly amazing.

ct032955d ago

Not that big of a difference? Look at this mountain ridge. Without tesselation it consists of three straight lines.

Judging by this I'd say the polygonal detail goes up at least 10-fold when you turn on tesselation in the game.

Projekt7tuning2955d ago

I had no Idea that game looked so good. I think we are all very lucky to be gamer right now.

nnotdead2955d ago

agree with both too pawned and toaster. this video isn't that good at showing the benefits. while games like Metro do a much better job.

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IaMs122956d ago

Gotta say its great to be a PC gamer

wenaldy2955d ago

PC + PS3 = Awesome combo!!!

solar2955d ago

i have that combo and i havent been impressed enough to turn on my ps3 since the greatness of UC2.

AKS2955d ago

So God of War III, Red Dead Redemption, and Heavy Rain just weren't worth your time? Whatever.

solar2954d ago

i love GoW. it's a great series. but i dont feel it has anything new to offer like the first to games. awesome boss battles doesnt draw me to a game like innovation does.

as for RDR, im going to play it eventually, but like GoWIII, what does it do different that makes me want to play it?

and i went out of my way to play IP, and it did nothing for me. so why would i want to play HR?

Snakefist302955d ago

I want PS4 to use Tessellation

Dark_king2955d ago

you don't need DX11 for Tessellation on consoles.I am sure by the time we get a PS4 Sony will have it ready to go.The PS3 can already use a software solution.But hardware solution is always better.

NarooN2955d ago

Only people who disagreed with this are elitist PC fanboys trying to justify their $1200 rig.

I have this combo and don't really need anything else. I could care less about graphics. I only game on PC to play PC exclusives like STALKER or Counter-Strike. Don't really feel like buying a $200 GPU just to squeeze out 3 more fps.

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bumnut2955d ago

ATI also do tessellation

OpenGL2955d ago

ATI actually had hardware tessellation support years before Nvidia did.

Pandamobile2955d ago

Yes, but judging by the tessellation benchmarks, Nvidia's cards are a lot better at utilizing the feature than AMD's

IaMs122953d ago

Because the Nvidia cards are now just supporting them. Course ATI wont look as good because its older cards supporting it, not newer cards like Nvidia. Now dont get me wrong the HD 6870 and such just came out but they arent suppose to be the best of the best on the market at all right now.

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