Final Fantasy XIV’s Retail Version Was Technically a Beta, According To Square-Enix

If the official statement in the article is to be followed, the Square Enix is actually admitting that they DID NOTHING with any of the feedback they took from the beta of Final Fantasy XIV, essentially making the whole beta process pointless.

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big_silky2780d ago

lol. people have faith that anything of quality will ever come from this company again?

Game-ur2780d ago

SE generally has a condescending attitude towards fans and their opinions

ChozenWoan2780d ago

In the end they have only further burned their reputation with die hard fans who are now putting their faith in SE on life support. All I can say is that vs13 had better deliver a true FF experience or it could very well be SE's final fantasy.

Godmars2902780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

This statement is certainly proof of that.

How can you have any faith in what Square says. Their credibility is beyond rock bottom.

MrMccormo2780d ago

S-E is technically a lost cause as long as Wada is in charge, according to gamers.

evrfighter2780d ago

well there goes any chance that I'll ever reactivate my account.

let alone buy versus.

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tacosRcool2780d ago

Nice excuse to try to tell people that your game is still worth their time

Myst2780d ago

I'm guessing most people thought this as well. PC Beta seemed more like an Alpha then the game release is more or less the actual beta, So that way by the time it lands on PS3 and is completely rolled out for "All" the masses it won't be of "beta" status anymore.

jillthornton2780d ago

Or maybe the PS3 version will be a whole new beta altogether.

himdeel2780d ago cannot trust SE. Make them pay by keeping your wallets and pocket books closed to them. They WILL NOT learn their lesson and continue to treat the few people willing to buy their games like crap.

JonnyBigBoss2780d ago

Thanks for making me pay $75 for a beta, SE.

Cloudberry2780d ago

360's Vesperia & Wii's Graces also too.

wazzim2780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

Vesperia is an excellent game and Graces too.

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The story is too old to be commented.