Diehard GameFAN Review: Fallout New Vegas

Diehard GameFAN: "When Bethesda went and purchased the rights to the Fallout franchise, they decided to set their game in the Washington DC area. They set the game as far away from the franchise’s roots as possible in order to be able to tell their own story. When Fallout 3 proved to be a success, Bethesda decided to release a second game based on the Fallout 3 version of the Gamebryo engine. But since they were busy making another game (Elder Scrolls V pretty please Santa…) they contracted out to the people at Obsidian Entertainment. Obsidian have a lot of former Black Isle staffers who have a very personal history with the original Fallout games, so it would seem to be a natural fit. Let us crack open a Nuka Cola together and see if that natural fit is real or a horrible mutation."

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