Darkstalkers sequel talk and some hot, excellent cosplay of Morrigan to go with it

"Two stories in one. The first is of a very talented cosplayer dressed as Morrigan from Darkstalkers in a rich set and the second is regarding the Darkstalkers sequel. Any feedback shared with Paul Gale Network has been promised to be passed on to Capcom. Click to read more."

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DonkeyKingKong332868d ago

Holy eff she is hot! Cosplay to the next level when you make whole sene out of it! As for the next Darkstalkers game I'm down!

SonicBoomBoom42868d ago

Damn she fine n yeah as long as Capcom doesn't use the Street Fighter engine again Im cool with it. 4, Super, and SFxTekken is enough for one style.

OldSchoolGamer32868d ago

The chick has the costume, the sexy angles, the physical features, the background is nice and that makes it one of the best I've seen.

ManfredLamchop2868d ago

I would give my soul if I were in that dude's shoes! AND MY LEFT "oh damn where'd it go? why hello morrigan!"

halojane92867d ago

I'M sure that if I was a guy I'd be fwapping it too but I have to go with a Playststion Move or Wii remote. ;) ;)

Jackojwang2867d ago

What a hottie! And at first I thought it said Darksiders and not Darkstalkers. Think it's time to fire up the PS1 and play some..

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GodzillaOwns2868d ago

I know that Capcom actually listens because they did first with SFIV and they're doing it again as we speak with MMLegends 3 so they will again. I just don't know what's the best way to go with the game. My guess is 1 or 3.

WiiRemotes22868d ago

is there an online petition that we can sign? if anyone isn't sure what makes darkstalkers cool then read the udon graphic novel because it shows you a lot about the characters and shows that it has a great story behind it.

SonicBoomBoom42868d ago
I dunno if thas the main one but its got a lot of people on it.

OldSchoolGamer32868d ago

I'd be worried if Capcom went too different with Darkstalkers but really wouldn't mind seeing an M-rated game, just go all out and 1up Mortal Kombat!

ManfredLamchop2868d ago

Here's what Capcom has to do: 1) focus on Marvel vs. Capcom 3, 2) focus on Street Fighter X Tekken, don't rush into anything else until next gen. I want DarkStalkers Next to be a horror game and look wicked. A premiere badass launch title for a system that would be a fighter would be the sickest thing in the world.

TonykomatMK2867d ago

Combination of Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter maybe?

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The story is too old to be commented.