Serious Sam 3 Screens Coming Very Soon

Paul writes, "Devolver Digital has announced just now that Serious Sam 3 screen shots will be forthcoming in the very near future. The time is approaching for First Person Shooter fans to sink their teeth into a new title, one with an emphasis on the style of old school mixed with brutal difficulty unlike any other FPS franchise."

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Hitman07692928d ago

This game is going to be incredible, I called it!!!!

-Mezzo-2928d ago

i sure hope they are, cannot wait.

meiamsome2928d ago

The game series has always been pretty good I say! I just wish it would land on the PSN store as well.

arragionthegreat2928d ago

I quite frankly cannot see myself Playing Serious Sam with controller ,.. But I guess it would be cool,..

Raf1k12928d ago

First and second encounter were great. SS2 on the other hand wasn't all that. I hope the third is as good as the first two.

multipayer2928d ago

Serious Sam 3 vs Duke Nukem Forever

Syaz12928d ago

i hope they release a disc version of compilation with serious sam hd: the first encounter, ss hd: the second encounter, and ss hd 2. never really got to play them, but the times i got to play it i love it :)

Ether2928d ago

Just hope they don't CoD-ize it.

arragionthegreat2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

I think COD is Serious Sam-ized waaay to much....And that is not really good for military shooter,..

In some missions in BO,.. I thought to my self,.. Dudes,.. you went so overboard,.. You clearly play Serious Sam to much,..(prison-minigun level),.. That works for Serious Sam ,.. Cod,.. not so much,.. (at least BO is kind of fun, because of that)

CrzyFooL2928d ago

Raise hell. I lol'd.

Imma playin Wolfenstein!!

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