GoozerNation: The UnderGarden is to Limbo as Jelly is to Peanut Butter

The UnderGarden and Limbo are both essentially puzzle solving games in which you travel a set path, clear obstacles and make wondrous discoveries along your adventures in these alien worlds. But that’s where the similarities end. Limbo’s color scheme is set in a stark black and white world where death lurks around every corner. The UnderGarden splashes vibrant colors mixed with soft translucent water in which movement is depicted in effortless movement in an ocean where not even explosive mines cause your death.

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RyanDJ2926d ago

Seems very interesting. I'm tired of the overly dark schemes prevalent in gaming, it's nice to see a game pop out that puts a light twist on all. Last time I truly enjoyed that was Katamari.

jha12232926d ago

Something quite unique. It looks bright, but not ... sickeningly bright. One complaint that I've seen is that it may be too short. Hopefully, with enough success, it will have a follow up.

kube002926d ago

Id buy it if the price is right

jha12232926d ago

Available for 800 points