Funny video of Mario getting a roast

"Enjoy this funny (and vulgar) video of Mario getting a roast by his peers in the video game industry. It's done in a style similar to Comedy Central's own roasts on popular celebrities."

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DonkeyKingKong332958d ago

HA! I thought that Bowser's voice sounded like Joe from Family Guy. :)

WiiRemotes22958d ago

i knoooooow! college humor is hilarious. i hope they make more roasts like this down the line.

GodzillaOwns2958d ago

LOL, "something up the pipes"...

OldSchoolGamer32958d ago

My fave = Kirby's lines. Everything about it was funny though and the VO wasn't bad either.

Jackojwang2958d ago

That was the funniest for me to..

ManfredLamchop2958d ago

Sonic never spoke. :( But otherwise hilarious!!!!!

SonicBoomBoom42958d ago

Thas the thing with College Humor they always make funny ass videos. Thumbs up to them cuz they deserve it. They even made the StreetFighter Later Years videos and the Sims video from a few weeks back. Support em.

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The story is too old to be commented.