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"One question has come to mind during every session I have played in Call of Duty: Black Ops, how on earth could a franchise go from amazing to terrible in one year? I likely will not do a single player review for this game as I likely won’t be returning to Call of Duty: Black Ops anytime soon, which is why I will just review the games multiplayer."

Cody @ VideoGameBlogger

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codyodiodi2955d ago

If I only died 1 out of 4 times because my gun shots weren't registered I would be fine. But it's 1 out of 2 times if not more that I watch a kill cam to only find out my weapon never fired despite it firing on my screen.

My connection shows up as full green bars too, so it's not like I was lagging. The game was poorly made and needs a lot of patches to be anything close to a decent title.

LevDog2955d ago

Cody I agree.. I said that on another post.. The Hit detection is horrendous.. The lag is terrible.. But the funny thing is.. If those things get fixed.. It would be better than MW2..

BulletToothtony2955d ago


it don't happen to me that often but yeah 1 outta 3 prolly..

the REAL problem is with 1 in the chamber.. i freaking hate shooting MY 1 BULLET dead on just for someone to keep running towards me and knife me.. fucking lame

BattleAxe2955d ago

I wouldn't give it a 4/10, but I played it for the first time lastnight, and the flow of the game has changed which I don't like, also the graphics are a downgrade from CoD4, WaW and Mw2. The new points system that is in place to allow you to buy weapons and attachments is nothing more than a system being used to help phase in micro transactions, because I'm willing to bet that the next CoD game will make you purchase weapons and attachments, only with real money. The first zombie map that everyone gets without having to unlock it, felt really uninspired also.

Longrod_Von_Hugendon2955d ago

The fucking lag in this game makes the MP pointless. How the fuck do you kill me when I have 4-5 bullets in you before you even start to shoot? It's not my connection either 20mbs/10mbs; COD ports opened.

If the patch doesn't fix the problems it's gone. You can't have a FPS in this day and age using P2P. It's fucking garbage. And I average 20-30 kills per game with 5-15 deaths.

tacosRcool2955d ago

Thats what many reviewers are saying and yet they still rate it too well.

ChineseDemocracy2955d ago

Yeah, I find the killcams to be really inconsistent, like the posters above, the opposing cam shows that my gun failed to even fire a shot before I was killed.

AllroundGamer2955d ago

phew and i thought i was hallucinating... the worst was, that i shoot almost a half of my magazine in a guy, but the killcam shows, that i shot like only 1-2 bullets... and i was hosting that game!!! wtf?

Sarcasm2955d ago

I cant defend Black Ops in any way since I haven't played it yet, but MW2 was a glitch/hack fest full of stupid hold your hands rewards. So it's not much better. I admit I played it for awhile, but after awhile I got burned out and now I'm just playing a superior adult shooter, BFBC2.

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codyodiodi2955d ago

Well the multiplayer is unplayable most of the time.

Sorry that I am used to shooting a gun and actually having bullets come out.

T9X692955d ago

I read your "review" if that's what you want to call this, and seriously man, it just sounds like you suck at COD. Let me break it down for you based on what you said.

"The sniper rifles are next to useless too as you need to hold your breath; the amount your rifle moves now makes it impossible to hit anything."

That's called skill. Sniping should take skill, not people running around with a sniper using it like a shotgun to get 1 hit kills. All guns move around when you shoot because this game actually has some recoil to it instead of every gun being dead on 100% accurate.

"The knife in this game is so unpredictable it’s a gamble when you use it, even at close range."

No you just have to be extremely close to them, which is how it should be. The knife shouldn't be used like a damn ninja sword like it was in MW2.

"If there is a good spot to snipe, then there are likely 4 ways to get to that spot"

That's called balanced gameplay. Treyarch would be stupid to make sniping positions and have only one way to get to them when they include equipment like claymores, portable cameras etc. It's also to prevent camping, which is a good thing.

"The bullets don’t lose any power going through the wall so hiding in a building is worthless in this game."

It's no different than WaW. Wood, thin metal, and other thin materials can all be shot through. Unless you're hiding in a cardboard box, hiding in a building is not worthless.

I've played the game (according to my stats) 17 hours online, and I have no problem killing anyone, or having any issues you listed in your review. As far as the maps sucking, I can't say you're wrong for not liking the maps, but I personally like all of them. They have combat training for a reason, maybe you should try it to learn how to play the game so you don't get your ass kicked then claim the game is broken because you can't win all the time.

DNAbro2955d ago

I have to agree, i have had no problems with the multiplayer. The hit detection is perfectly fine for me. Lag is never bad enough to effect gameplay.

vickers5002955d ago

"The bullets don’t lose any power going through the wall so hiding in a building is worthless in this game."

I beg to f*cking differ. I sat and unloaded 2 and a half to 3 clips of m16 ammunition (we all know how powerful that is, at one burst it's pretty much a guaranteed one trigger pulled kill) into an enemy behind a wall before he died.

I sh*t you not, it was pissing me off actually. And there was no 2nd person behind or around him either. 2 1/2 clips... of an m16. So no, hiding behind walls in this game is very helpful.

As for other complaints, well I haven't really had any problems with hit detection, aside from when I try to do something crazy and jump out a window firing at somebody and it miraculously kills them even though I'm aiming beside them. And to all those saying that they didn't even get a chance to fire at the enemy even though on your screen you did fire, well that's just plain lag.

You may have 4 green bars, but that's not always accurate and is not proof that you aren't lagging. Plus you have to add in factors like reaction time. In CoD, since there is some lag for some people, you may see an enemy run out in front of you and instantly kill you which you find bullsh*t because he was still running at the time. The lag makes it to where he was actually in front of you and had started shooting faster than you could notice.

TheFreak2955d ago

LOL this guy is a noob. Just because he sucks at the game does not mean that the game sucks. Black Ops pwns mw2 in every possible way. Mw2 is for noobs black ops for people with skills

MAJ0R2955d ago

all call of duty games cater to noobs and casuals

TheFreak2955d ago

have you played the game? In this COD you actually need to think a little and use your gun(s) to get kills. In comparison to mw2 where you just needed to run around like a crazy mofoe with a knife and that fing grenade launcher.

RonRico2955d ago

BO is much better than MW2. Doesnt feel so cheap and I havent even see too many attack dogs yet.

Gamer_Z2955d ago (Edited 2955d ago )

You are such a noob i think thats why you like Black Ops so much. The truth is i hated this game because it was to easy. I even let my little brother play it who by the way is 8 years old and he gets an average of 15 to 25 kills a game but when he try’s to play COD4 he gets 2 or 3 kills a game and he never plays COD all he ever plays is Halo. So what does that tell you? This game is for kid's and noobs who think they are good at COD

totallysane2955d ago

since when has a cod after cod4 come out that requires skill??? thats bs, its a noob game, bc2 is where the skill. i agree with the guy on this review, i was robbed so many times, lighting a guy up in his back with 30 m16 rounds, when in the end i get shot in the back after all that work. knifing is horrendous, you don't even have to have the person on the screen for a knife to work, hell the person can be 20 ft away and the knife will work. Hit detection is off as well, black ops wont be getting my money. have to wait and see how mw3 = bullshit is.

TheFreak2955d ago (Edited 2955d ago )

ok cool because im pretty good at bc games rubbish at cod games.I see I hurt a lot of feelings sorry guys hehe.

I have played many of the big shooters this gen. kz2, bfbc 1 & 2, resistance 2, Halo 3, Reach, COD4, mw2,waw, black ops and so on. The only game I have a problem with is mw2. It is made for campers and less talented players IMO. Those elements that made mw2 a camping noobfest has been removed in black ops IMO. I am playing the 360 version btw which version are you guys playing?

TheFreak2954d ago

and now I am going to test the kz3 beta. got an email from playstation wooohooo :)

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TheLastGuardian2955d ago (Edited 2955d ago )

As buggy as this game is, the most important aspect is still there, It's still very fun and addicting. I stayed up all night last night playing just online and zombies for like 10 hours straight and kept on telling myself just one more match but it was hard to stop playing. I guess It doesn't take much to impress me since the last COD I played was 4.

Sometimes I think I should've got the kill when I should have but then again maybe the other guy really did kill me first. Another problem I have is having to migrate to a new host every once in a while. The only huge glitch I've run into was the game freezing with a screen full of numbers, letters and buttons. I made a thread in the N4G forums on the glitch. Here's a link if you want to see the picture I took of the frozen screen.

BrianB2955d ago

well everyone this is what you call an honest review, someone that hasn't obviously received a check by activision, there should be more reviewers like this man, by jolly there should be more

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jc485732955d ago

hah and activision wanted to charge gamers for better online service. good luck with that.

PidgeottosCrew2955d ago

4/10 seems like a kneee-jerk response. While there are some issues, like ALL COD games have early on, there's no need to give it a rating below Lair.

In comparison to MW2 the killstreaks and the perks are all well balanced and the wager mode is a great wake up call for all those who fancy a high KDR over fun.

Nate-Dog2955d ago

I'm certainly not one for defending CoD or Activision but I don't know why anyone is making Multiplayer reviews when the game hasn't been out even a week, especially when CoD has been known to have server problems quite often in the first week.

lugia 40002955d ago

PC/PS3 MP: 4/10

Also everything that this guy hates is just stupid. Youn don´t like all the maps? Wow

MAJ0R2955d ago

PC>>>>>360 multiplayer

dedicated servers

lugia 40002955d ago

PS3 also has less resolution and framerate.

Letros2954d ago

"Was" a complete mess, fixed for the most part now, 40-60ms ping with dedicated servers 4tw, dunno how you can play a shooter w/o them TBH.

Fishy Fingers2955d ago

PC is pretty much fixed now thanks to the patch (server and client), other than the rather strange CPU loving code.

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