Disgaea 4: more new scans from Dengeki

PS3-exclusive tactical RPG Disgaea 4 is shown in some new scans from Dengeki magazine.

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imoutofthecontest2954d ago

I recently used Prinny in a class of mine, with a bunch of Junior High School students. About 2 students per 40-kid class recognized Prinny, which is less than I expected x_x.

PS360fanboy2953d ago

Less than you expected? It's a niche game and you're in junior high school. 2 out of 40 is WAY more than I would expect.

knifefight2953d ago (Edited 2953d ago )

In Japan?

imoutofthecontest2953d ago

Yes, this was in Japan.
@PS360fanboy Dunno why it was off to expect a few more to recognize the character in the birthplace of this stuff, where he's a video games star, anime star, manga star and now he's even on snacks.

But if, given how plastered Prinny is all over so much stuff, you'd expect "WAY" less than that, good on you I guess ;)

kevco332953d ago

Any confirmation on a European date? I'm guessing 2012...

Greek God2953d ago (Edited 2953d ago )

unlocked LoC yesterday in D3 awesome!
the werewolf chara and valvatorez..?
They look cool!

Redempteur2953d ago

RPGLAND , seriously photoshop isn't hard to use ..heck there are free equivalents now.
Stop using windows if it flip your scans ( or if you don't know how to use the tools correctly )

anyway disgaea 4 is shapping to be finally the right step for the francise .. the concept of disgaea 3 didn't appeal to me.

Veneno2953d ago

Agreed. have you played ZHP yet? I just got me a pspGo and wondering if its worth getting after I go through my free games and PSOne games.

Redempteur2953d ago

it's very addictive if you like teh genre .. you have complet control over everything and the NIS /disagaea humour is there ... it's definitly THE game you'll have lots of replay value on the GO

full city custom
full body custom
full equipment custom

it's really a grindmark custom rpg ( i'm talking about ZHP )

Veneno2953d ago

Thanks! This helps alot!

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