Joystiq: Conduit 2 Preview - Pipe Dream

High Voltage certainly had ambition and vision when designing the original Conduit for Wii, hyping it as a marquee FPS title for Nintendo's console. Unfortunately, the execution wasn't there. Fast forward a year since its release, and High Voltage is working on a sequel.

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EvilTwin2931d ago

"Simply put, there wasn't a single moment where I felt like the game was trying to do something new, mechanically or narratively. In spite of the aliens and the laser weapons, I couldn't help but watch, unentertained, as enemies continued to spawn out of the conduits. I don't doubt that these are solidly-constructed set pieces -- but it all lacked a certain je ne sais quoi that make other shoot-at-aliens FPS games look and feel more compelling."
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Dude, if you're looking for innovation, the single-player campaign of an online-centric FPS is the wrong place to look.