GameSpot: Call of Duty: Black Ops Wii Review

Call of Duty: Black Ops on the Wii is almost every bit as excellent as its HD console counterparts. New modes and mechanics give a jolt of energy to the lively competitive multiplayer; the engrossing new campaign is one of the best in the series; Combat Training mode allows anyone to enjoy the thrills of arena combat; and Zombies mode provides a goofy, gory diversion. Call of Duty: Black Ops lives up to the top-notch pedigree that the series has earned, giving players an awesome new shooter to enjoy just in time for the holidays.

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EvilTwin2927d ago

Nice. IGN's review made some sense in that it docked the Wii version because of some missing content, but this review actually mentions "oh yeah, look at all of the stuff Black Ops does that no other Wii shooter has even come close to doing: streamlined friend codes, voice chat, online zombie co-op, plus contracts and wagers."

Still can't decide between this and GoldenEye...

Chidori2927d ago

Much better review than IGN. The game is great. Im really proud of Treyarch. You can really tell they tried to do as much as much possible to not dumb down the game. Even though theres only one zombie mode map atm, its still better than nothing and its still hella fun.

Lol Goldeneye is nothing compared to this bro.