Black Ops PC Update Released

Treyarch deliver a small, but much needed patch for the PC version of Call of Duty: Black Ops multiplayer.

Friends fix for join in progress and Friends tab in server browser
Performance improvement for dual and quad core systems

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Pandamobile2955d ago

Horrible lag - Gone
Game halting stutters - Mostly gone, still happen, though a lot less frequently.

BeOneWithTheGun2955d ago

Can you still throw a tomahawk across the map, ricochet three times of a wall and the ground then get a game winning kill in the leg?

Longrod_Von_Hugendon2954d ago

And what about the fucking rest of us. Both the PS3 and 360 are suffering from lag issues. And before you make the claim that the 360 is lag free Watching the machinima stream you can clearly see lag affecting 360 gameplay. The PS3 has about the same.

El_Colombiano2954d ago

That's a game mechanic actually. You can tell by how they bounce off the walls. That's like saying they should take away shooting guns.

jdktech20102954d ago

http: // wtopic.php?f=73&t=313362&am p;sid=1l4mh8i92eg22lbaahdv0k3sc 0

Your welcome...this is a forum post from Josh Olin that talks about the 360 patch being worked on

Pandamobile2954d ago

I'm sure they've already fixed the console versions, but they are forced to send the patch to Sony and MS before they go live so they can QA test it (takes a week or three).

jdktech20102954d ago

A lot of what they're doing is client they can do it without Live's help...not sure about the big patch

I would post a link to the callofduty forums where josh olin talks about it but apparently it's spam and I can't do that

evrfighter2954d ago

"A lot of what they're doing is client side"


just about any patch released is client side. You wouldn't even see a server side patch unless you were running a server which BO doesn't allow and console versions don't even have.

client side patches do indeed require the use of LIVE or PSN to distribute through auto-updates. For this to happen both Sony and M$ have a QA system in place that takes a few weeks to go through.

Or however Monday Night Madness does it. never really looked into it but I believe it's on the fly updating, a bullet point for that title. An exception not the rule.

Letros2955d ago

Man this game is great online, can't wait to see what the modders bring to the table.

I also love having lean back in my CoD, so useful.

saint_john_paul_ii2954d ago

the game is great overall. better than MW2, but on the Console side of things, mainly the PS3 version, Treyarch gave users an a**ed out port.

GamerSciz2954d ago

However I still have lag/halting game issues in SP. It seems this fix is only for MP. Come on Treyarch some people do play SP...

Fishy Fingers2954d ago

MP was mch better for me, but also notice quite an improvement from SP, the update is mostly MP based, but does contain some CPU optimisation so should help in SP too.

Expect a few more patches yet though, but at least being PC, we'll get them quickly.

ct032954d ago

It's good that we get them quickly, but seriously, a brand new game should not need patches within a few days of its release.
That's just sloppy as hell.

Brian52472954d ago

I don't know what you guys are smoking but the lag is still horrendous online for me.

ExPresident2954d ago

I know this is a PC CoD article but could someone please enlighten me to what causes there to be echo's when chatting via PS3 in MP? Fandboys need not reply, I have no other issues with any other game. Is it just CoD lag or something else?


catguykyou2954d ago

Not lag related.

If you are getting voice echo in your headset when you are playing some games on Xbox Live or PS3, the problem is with someone else in your session. The issue can be easily fixed by having the person in your session who does NOT hear the echo to clean their metal headset plug, or reconnect their wireless headset. I recommend using a cotton swab and alcohol. Remember.. If you hear echo, then it's someone else in the chat session that needs to clean off their metal headset plug. It's quick, easy and can save people a lot of trouble.
The issue with the connection causes the other persons mic to rebound what they hear in their headset back out as if they said it.

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