Is Kinect Too Good To Be True?

So here we are in 2010 and Microsoft is about to release something that has the potential to take gaming to the next step. By taking away a physical controller and relying on our own bodies and our voices, we are the link into the game world. Each and every action we perform will have a direct impact on what happens in the game. That kind of immersive experience seems almost too good to be true

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Raikiri2956d ago

It's true that it's good

Godmars2902956d ago (Edited 2956d ago )

Not enough time, or games, have past to ask that question.

Anyone who's played Gears or Halo that says otherwise with just Kinimals and the like is just fooling themselves.

Nariko-20112956d ago

Is held in esteem in these parts.
Why do people that "don't care about kinect" CARE SO MUCH? My goodness, you're in EVERY SINGLE ARTICLE spreading your spite, gees. Where can we recently new kinect owners go and discuss kinect without you ruining it for everybody?
Why am I bothering, your band of retarded brothers is on it's way to back you up.
Has anybody ever stopped to think, hey, maybe, just maybe my tastes aren't the only ones that matter in life and there just might be people that enjoy Kinectimals or Dance Central or Kinect know, Sports Champion and Eyepet...what am I saying? Those are Sony titles, Sony good, Microsoft RAAAAAAAGE! Me want break things now you say Microsoft. Me not understand why you like. Me disagree with bad microsoft agent!

bilbobob2956d ago

like the opposite people in every move thread. The whole point to the argument surely is what can Kinect bring to the table for hardcore gamers. Move has already shown it can be used as another control method for shooter's rpg's or rts games.

Sorry but your rant comes across as childish. People are always going to argue over this. not everyone comes from a 'retarded' point of view. just because its not the same as yours.

Godmars2902956d ago (Edited 2956d ago )

I'm a PS3 owner and I can say Sony makes mistakes. Hell, they regularly fu*k up. But let MS put out a console with issues, and its like God has spoken and all nonbelievers must die.

The reason I am a "fanboy" is because people were coming into forums looking for help for RRoD and getting reamed by loyalist praising MS for going from a 90 day to three year warranty.

For fu*k sake - Products much less companies should not have fucking loyalist! Not unless they've actually repeated proven themselves. And they should be dropped as soon as they fu*k up

If I am raging - as I likely am now - its because of an inability to so much as raise a question about something. I've even been called a 360 fanboy, of going over to the other side whatever that means, because I've questioned things Sony's done. Now I have to come here and deal with typical retard speak because you can't bear to have your fu*king holy cow poked at?

I need to stop coming here altogether. Not like this place is about gaming news.

Bigpappy2956d ago

It has nothing to do with gears and Halo, those are controller games.

big_silky2956d ago

kinect is absolute s**t that can't possibly be enjoyed by anyone.

am i doing it right, fangirls?

Smootherkuzz2956d ago (Edited 2956d ago )

You need to have alot of energy to play Kinect, it makes you sweat which is a good thing, helps burn of some of that fast food(lol).To good to be true? no, but to good to pass up. As you can tell I like Kinect because I am a gamer who likes to play games and the Kinect just expanded my system to a whole now libary of fun for family and friends.Does it need tweaks yes do the games need tweaks yes but that just time we play in, all games and consoles need tweaks as we all know so no suprise there,Lets game.