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OrangeUK: Kinect Review

At last! The Xbox 360 has joined the motion control revolution and brings to it an entirely new spin. While the Wii introduced us to the idea of flailing around with a controller in front of our TV and the PS3 brought the same technology to its HD console, the 360 does away with the controller altogether. Kinect is a black box that sits in front of your TV and uses advanced motion-tracking cameras and sensors to allow you to control games using just your body. (Kinect, Xbox 360) 8/10

Bigpappy  +   1340d ago
Looks like Kinect is getting some UK love
I saw move Negative preview for the UK than the US. Still Kinect is just as popular there. Just goes to show that there are still lost of who people have independent minds.
Cevapi88  +   1340d ago
dude wtf?? you did it again....i have no idea what you said
niceguywii60  +   1340d ago
You should stay in the PS3 section. No one cares what you say or what you understand.
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Cevapi88  +   1340d ago
you should just stay off the internet....period

go back to playing kinect
coolbeans  +   1340d ago
"Just goes to show that there are still lost of who people have independent minds."

This bears a strange resemblance to some quotes made by George W. Bush. :P
eliasg  +   1339d ago
good score , no comments from Sony fanboys...

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