Real Fallout: New Vegas Clothes

Have you ever wanted to be apart of the Wasteland? Now you can be. Wizards of the Coast (makers of Magic: The Gathering) employee Mat Smith made some costumes from Fallout and they are as real as you can get. Including real Mentats, 200 year old Salisbury steak, and choice books these scavengers are ready for the post apocalyptic world.

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Otheros002630d ago

Very crappy. He looks like a bum. I rather have the Chinese stealth suit without the helmet.

Sarevok2629d ago

PSH! the helm is awesome!

Lucreto2629d ago

I don't know that you expect to wear in the wasteland. Everyone you be dressed the same.

Lucreto2629d ago

I think it looks awesome. It is scare looking at the books and food from the game.

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